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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Serbia

Adaptive network control in Belgrade

The adaptive traffic management project in Belgrade/Serbia includes the modernization of 322 intersections with smart sX controllers, 1W signal heads, detection equipment and the implementation of 22 adaptive traffic management areas. This is the first project in Serbia with the 1W technology.

Yutraffic Motion, the adaptive traffic management system that is installed for each traffic light control device in the Motion network in Belgrade, calculates new signal programs based on the current traffic situation. New signal programs are calculated every three minutes based on collected and processed real time traffic data obtained via detectors. Key benefits of the system are reflected in shorter travel time area wise, reduced number of stops, and also greater energy efficiency by installing the latest generation of signal heads with minimal energy consumption.

The traffic management central system is installed in the premises of the Traffic Department of the City of Belgrade and allows operators to actively monitor and control traffic lights at 322 intersections from one location.

The advantages of the system also include the possibility of expansion with additional modules (e.g. priority for buses, cyclists or emergency vehicles), the possibility of integrating independent subsystems, but also complete road networks (city and state roads such as highways and ring roads).

And no, that’s not all! A big part of the Belgrade project is the introduction of tram priority at intersections.

The tram prioritization is done with Yutraffic Stream. It has the unique capability to transmit public transport telegrams to a controller via the control center without additional installations in the field.

Onboard devices are installed in 160 trams that provide the location of the trams via satellite-based positioning. As soon as a centrally configured trigger point is reached, a trigger point telegram is transmitted to the central Stream server. The traffic control center reports the approach of the tram to the intersection controller and its local traffic control system gives the command to switch the signal to green for a certain duration or to extend the existing green phase accordingly. Immediately after the tram has passed the intersection, the control system is switched back to normal operation.

The introduction of tram prioritization is intended to increase the attractiveness of public transport so that tram users reach their destination faster and spend less time in traffic.

Interview with the Project Manager Ivan Krušić:

  1. What can you tell us about the project to modernize intersections in Belgrade?
    The adaptive traffic management project in Belgrade is the first of its kind in Serbia. It includes the modernization of 322 intersections and the installation of 22 adaptive traffic management areas. The project covers half of all signalized intersections in the city, located in the city center and the main business district, where it is intended to enable responsive operation of traffic signals according to actual requirements, along with prioritization of public transport vehicles and increased pedestrian safety. This is a joint project of Yunex Traffic Serbia, Austria and Germany.
  2. What challenges did you face with this project?
    Adaptive traffic systems change the behavior of road users and influence their perception of the quality of traffic management. The main challenge is to educate users about how vehicle and pedestrian detection works and that the operation of traffic signals can vary depending on traffic conditions.
  3. Are you satisfied with the status of the project realization?
    The project implementation is proceeding according to the established plan, which is a great success considering that the Corona virus occurred during the project implementation, which completely changed the situation during the equipment delivery and installation on site. However, thanks to the commitment of all the teams involved, the project implementation is on time.