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Meet our Traffic Engineer Bruno and hear about how he’s transforming traffic in our cities

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And, our Engineering Teams develop and bring innovative projects to life all over the world.

Meet Bruno Pereira, a Traffic Engineer in Portugal, and see how our engineering teams are transforming traffic with the latest technologies.

Hi Bruno! Thanks for speaking with us. We’d love to hear more about your role and what you do.

I work on various traffic light controller modernization projects which bring the latest technologies to our roads to modernize our traffic systems and the way in which we travel.

These include the definition of traffic controller programs, detector and sensor configuration and providing technical support for our customers. At the moment, my role requires the development, implementation and parameterization of traffic engineering strategies which are then applied to our Management and Traffic Central System. This system helps cities and municipalities integrate and evolve intelligent strategies into their transport systems, enabling traffic managers to proactively manage traffic with innovative solutions. These strategies are improving the traffic flow and keep our roads moving safely across Lisbon.

How long have you been with #TeamYunexTraffic?

My first day was actually the first day of Yunex Traffic! Yunex Traffic was launched across the world on 1st July 2021 which is also when I joined the business. So I’m pleased to have been with the business for just over two years.

What excites you about your role?

Knowing that I am contributing to the development of a city is what drives me the most. The feeling that the solutions I develop contribute to a safer, more efficient and more livable city in the future is something that makes me really happy to work in this role.

Are there any challenges working in Engineering?

I experience some sort of challenge almost every day, whether it’s related to time and task management or optimization of a traffic signaling system. When working in a traffic engineering project, we need to ensure that our innovative traffic solutions are working correctly without any problems to those using the solution.

If you could name just one project that you loved working on at Yunex Traffic so far – what would this be?

I have worked on a small number of projects since joining Yunex Traffic but I would say that the Mod.Lx Project is the one that’s impacted me the most so far. It was one of the first projects I worked on and involved the modernization of more than 300 traffic intersections all over Lisbon. It was a perfect project to learn more about traffic in the city where I live, and it enabled me to grow as an engineer by learning alongside experienced colleagues.

What does the future of traffic look like to you?

For me, the future of traffic should focus on greener modes of transport such as bicycles and public transport. In my opinion, that is the way to go if we want to mitigate the effects of climate change in our cities. The implementation of adaptative traffic control systems in cities can help with the selection of priorities when it comes to pedestrians and cyclists, and at the same time allows optimization of traffic control. Essentially, traffic solutions won’t only recognize the car as the priority mode of transport – pedestrians, cyclists and busses can be prioritized too.

If you could say anything to a person considering an Engineering role at Yunex Traffic – what advice would you give?

Urban Mobility and Intelligent Traffic Systems are much more than what meets the eye, so if you want to be a part of the traffic transformation, Yunex Traffic is the right place for you. Whether you are a traffic engineer or from another area of expertise, you will work with very welcoming teams that are always available to help face the day-to-day challenges and they will help you be a better engineer in the future too!

Feeling inspired? Become a Traffic Transformer! We have many opportunities for you to join us at Yunex Traffic. Check them out today by visiting