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Our commitment to sustainability.

We take responsibility, and we take action.

Everything we do underlies our purposes of making cities more livable and greener while reducing CO2 emissions and accidents and, ultimately, safeguarding our planet and environment. As globally, around 20% of emissions can be attributed to mobility, we face these uncomfortable facts and accept our substantial responsibility as a company operating in the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry. Our responsibility doesn’t conclude with developing intelligent solutions. We also hold ourselves to the highest standards in our operations. Therefore, we take pride in our commitment to environmentally and socially responsible practices, aligned with rigorous ethical and compliance principles.

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Taking responsibility.

Our Sustainability Report 2023

In our Sustainability Report, which we published on November 30, 2023, we outlined our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) targets, priorities, and concrete actions.

Taking action.

Our Sustainability Goals

Our sustainability goals are outlined in a comprehensive ESG framework. The framework focuses on climate-related issues and our product portfolio. However, our ESG priorities also place significant emphasis on social and governance issues. These priorities are underpinned by a thorough materiality analysis and stakeholder prioritization covering these targets:

ESG for our suppliers

Only together can we navigate the path toward sustainability. Therefore, we are not just focused on reducing our own emissions but also those produced in the course of our collaboration with our suppliers. For us, sustainability in the supply chain means creating long-term added value with excellent and innovative suppliers – while acting in an economically, ecologically, compliant, and socially responsible manner. To ensure this, we work closely with our suppliers to gather transparent ESG disclosures, allowing for a thorough evaluation of their environmental impact. By providing guidance and resources, we aim to create a collaborative ecosystem committed to sustainable practices.

Our ESG performance self-disclosure

Being suppliers ourselves, we are transparent about our ESG performance at Yunex Traffic. By offering a thorough self-disclosure, we foster transparency, sustainability, and resilience in our customer´s supply chain. For this, we rely on IntegrityNext. IntegrityNext provides an ESG risk management platform that enables to monitor supplier performance regarding sustainability and compliance in order to meet regulatory requirements and reduce risks.

Sustainability in action

As urban populations continue to grow, the demand for smarter cities, including smart mobility solutions, is now at the forefront of urban areas worldwide. And we are here to support this paradigm shift. With our GoGreen portfolio, we offer a wide range of customized traffic management solutions to help our customers transform mobility, whether in urban areas or on the highways. The solutions provided in this portfolio help cities, and traffic operators minimize the environmental damages and air pollution caused by road traffic and preserve the quality of life in our cities for generations to come.

Acting responsibly together.

Join us on the path to a more sustainable future.

Prepare your city for the future: Our experts are happy to work with you on how to realize a more sustainable mobility for your city and your region.

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Sustainability in action.

Sustainability News and Stories

In our newsroom, we share the latest insights and stories illuminating our journey towards sustainability. Dive into a world of inspiring stories, people, and innovative projects, as we share our journey towards sustainability.