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Yunex Traffic Group

Strong solutions. Strong group.

With our subsidiaries, our Yunex Traffic Group has strong partners at its disposal to support traffic engineers and system operators in the planning, implementation and daily operation of traffic flows with modern tools from Aimsun, VMZ Berlin and Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC), and to ensure contemporary and urban-friendly mobility for the city of tomorrow.

Traffic Simulation and Forecasts

From planning to implementation and day-to-day operations, traffic engineers and system operators everywhere need modern tools to support their work. Like Aimsun Next and Aimsun Live: two fully integrated software packages that model and manage traffic flows, enabling strategic traffic planning and mobility management in real time.

Traffic Control and Management

Modern, urban mobility is essential for the city of tomorrow. Whether on foot, by bicycle, car, bus, train or plane, people should be able to get where they want to go safely, quickly, comfortably and efficiently. To this end, VMZ Berlin develops traffic management concepts, implements and operates information services, and conducts research into the future of transport.

Adaptive Traffic Controllers

Adaptive Traffic Controllers are at the heart of the link between road infrastructure and traffic management centres. With Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC), we are proud to work with SCATS customers around the world and continue to help cities improve their quality of life.