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Annual POLIS Conference 2023

The Annual POLIS Conference is Europe’s leading sustainable urban mobility event, providing an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience of mobility experts, practitioners, and decision-makers from both the public and private sector.

Meet our team at booth L12 and dive into the world of smart technologies:

  • Parking Guidance Systems: Customized system solutions for your traffic management. The Yunex Traffic Center platform integrates the previously separate worlds of traffic management, traffic control and parking guidance. The result: Customized system solutions based on a modular concept – for extra flexibility and easy adaptation to the most diverse urban traffic scenarios. The system collects traffic data from a variety of sources and processes it to provide a solid basis for implementing strategic measures that can be initiated either manually or automatically. The system enables integrated monitoring and control of different traffic zones, such as city or town centers, urban freeways, or entire counties. The system offers seamless integration with external services via REST APIs. Examples of possible services include: parking facilities, de LIJN, route information, weather, air pollution, counts…. The system also handles the communication with the various displays and has its own user interface for configuring the APIs. References: LEUVEN itself, Brussels and Mechelen and Wiesbaden and Cologne.
  • Advanced Perception –  AI-enabled ITS applications: Real-time digital twin of roads for AI-enabled ITS applications. Roadside AI Box based on the latest NVIDIA platform connected to a standard IP camera. Deep learning to detect and classify at least pedestrians, cyclists, cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles. Determination of speed, position and direction of movement of individual objects. Local on-site video analysis ensures compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. A technical solution for a wide range of standard and advanced ITS applications.
  • Yutraffic FUSION: Whether for public transport, cars, walking or cycling, adaptive traffic control optimizes your road network and transport infrastructure, improving road user safety, travel times and reliability, while reducing vehicle emissions. Yutraffic FUSION adaptive traffic control enables cities to manage their traffic and pedestrian signals and complex road networks to optimize traffic flow. Our system is adaptable and suitable for applications of any size. It can focus on specific intersections and areas of your network, as well as the network as a whole – taking into account all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. Yutraffic FUSION is constantly evolving. It makes the best use of new data sources and technologies and responds to the changing landscape of our urban transportation networks. Yutraffic FUSION integrates and enhances cooperative ITS approaches to improve driver safety and comfort. And its innovative predictive capabilities will help identify traffic anomalies before they happen and compare the expected impact of possible response plans to decide on the best course of action.

Join us in shaping the future of urban mobility!