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Next generation environmental traffic management (German)

One of the biggest challenges operators face in a traffic management center is the question of how to optimize traffic flow for factors beyond just vehicle flow. Operators are often provided little more than general traffic speed, volume and occupancy data.

  • How can a traffic management strategy influence air quality?
  • How can a diversion in response to an incident impact public transportation operations?
  • Could adjusting signal timings for one intersection lead to a worse situation for the overall network?

These are questions that operators aren’t typically equipped to answer instantaneously.

Yunex Traffic has developed and released features to tackle exactly these issues by combining our traffic management system with the simulation capabilities of Aimsun and an emission model.
By combining real-time traffic, air quality and incident data with a digital twin that also simulates public transportation, we empower operators by providing them a comprehensive understanding of transportation and environmental landscapes to effectively manage mobility.