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Yunex Traffic Procurement & Logistics

We are a global team of procurement & logistics professionals, act as an international network, manage pro-actively all risks and opportunities in our in-bound supply chain.

We utilize our suppliers’ capabilities for value optimized solutions in the dimensions:

Availability, Quality, Productivity, Innovation and Sustainability with state-of-the-art tools and methods. Together with our suppliers and strategic partners we act in the best interest of our clients, our stakeholders and last but not least Yunex Traffic.

Sustainable supply chain

Sustainability & ESG

Yunex Traffic is committed to supporting responsible, compliant, and ethical sourcing activities throughout our business. For Yunex Traffic, sustainability in the supply chain (sustainable procurement) means creating long-term added value with excellent and innovative suppliers – while acting in an economically, ecologically, compliant, and socially responsible manner. We can only achieve this by working even more closely with our suppliers and integrating our sustainability principles into all relevant business processes to meet the respective requirements of legislators, shareholders, and customers. To ensure this, we work with IntegrityNext, which helps us identify and manage ESG risks along the value chain.



YuBuy is our end-to-end software suite that covers all process steps from supplier onboarding to ordering of indirect material. All intermediate process steps (Approval of suppliers, Commodity Strategy, RfX/eAuction, Contracting, Supplier electronic Catalogs, Ordering) are in one tool with one single user-interface. We are looking forward to collaborating with you!



Yunex Traffic uses the SupplyOn platform for a fast and efficient data exchange with our supplier base. Thanks to the platform our operational sourcing activities with our suppliers is standardized and fully digitized. Siemens Global Business Services is operating the Yunex Traffic SupplyOn platform.


“IntegrityNext is a leading global solution for supply chain sustainability and compliance monitoring. IntegrityNext enables us to quickly check our supplier base against sustainability-related regulations (e.g. the German Supply Chain Act), standards (e.g. international human and labour rights), and voluntary commitments (e.g. supply chain decarbonization / Net Zero). IntegrityNext helps Yunex to identify and manage ESG risks along the value chain, reducing reputational and financial risks.

With IntegrityNext being an open platform, our suppliers and partners have the benefit that they register customer-independently and can make their ESG data available to all their customers on one platform upon request. On top IntegrityNext is free of charge for our suppliers and partners.”

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For Yunex Traffic only clean and compliant business is good business. This is why all Yunex Traffic suppliers need to adhere to our Code of Conduct.