29 March 2022 - 01 April 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Let’s face the problem of our world today: Everything is moving faster, everything is getting more complex, everyone is thinking more egoistic. And, in the end, everyone is suffering. The people and the world we live in.  

Particularly in traffic, we can't go on as before. By thinking connected, by acting responsibly and by creating solutions that are different and disruptive, we can create the mobility turnaround. Therefore, we must consider all participants and orchestrate traffic around everyone’s needs and not only one group. 

Software, hardware, traffic data and our own expertise: We are connecting the dots! The combination of innovative approaches enables us to reduce emissions, ensures more safety and increases the quality of life around and in our cities. 

Visit us at Intertraffic 2022 in Amsterdam. We are looking forward to showing you our products and solutions!

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29. March 2022 / 14:30 - 15:15 (Europe)

Introduction of Sitraffic FUSION – A new Adaptive Traffic Light Control System

Transport for London and Yunex have joined forces to develop "Sitraffic FUSION" - an integrated, completely redesigned application for intelligent, adaptive network control. We will introduce the new system by describing the main requirements, development goals and implemented optimisation methods. We will also show how the performance of FUSION is evaluated and benchmarked against existing approaches like SCOOT.

31. March 2022 / 15:45 - 16:30 (Europe)

Next generation environmental traffic management

One of the biggest challenges operators face in a traffic management center is the question of how to optimize traffic flow for factors beyond just vehicle flow. Operators are often provided little more than general traffic speed, volume and occupancy data. How a traffic management strategy can influence air quality, how a diversion in response to an incident can impact public transportation operations, or whether adjusting signal timings for one intersection could lead to a worse situation for the overall network are questions that operators aren’t typically equipped to answer. Yunex Traffic has developed and released features to tackle exactly these issues by combining our traffic management system Concert with the simulation capabilities of Aimsun and IMMIS. By combining real-time traffic, air quality and incident data with a digital twin that also simulates public transportation, we empower operators by providing them a comprehensive understanding of transportation and environmental landscapes to effectively manage mobility.

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Let's talk about what's next in traffic:

About urbanization

Anyone who talks about urbanization also has to talk about traffic jams and gridlock. How can we win back our cities, making them greener and more livable again?

About digitalization

How can we use digitalization for intelligent transportation solutions? The year 2020 showed us how valuable digital solutions are – and not just for mobile working.

About the climate crisis

This issue confronts all of us with uncomfortable truths about the state of our planet and its future. How can we minimize pollution, especially from road traffic, to save the viability of our cities for future generations?

About shared economies

Bicycles, scooters, and autonomous cars in a shared traffic ecosystem: shared economies will change urban mobility. Continuous data exchanges between vehicles and an intelligent infrastructure will make traffic safer and more fluid.

About connectivity

What advantages does artificial intelligence offer in the context of traffic and transportation? With newly developed data solutions, we use existing information to optimize urban traffic systems.

We want to be a reliable and trusted partner in a growth market full of innovation to advance mobility worldwide.

Markus Schlitt, CEO Yunex Traffic

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