22 March 2022

Intertraffic 2022: Yunex Traffic presents solutions for safe and green cities

Press release

We are connecting the dots

  • Under the motto "Connecting the dots", Yunex Traffic will bring the smart mobility of the future to life at Intertraffic in Amsterdam 2022.
  • The focus is on innovative hardware and software solutions that make it possible to orchestrate traffic based on environmental conditions and local safety requirements.
  • The smart technologies enable cities to reduce emissions and pollutants, thus increase safety and quality of life.

Munich, March 22, 2022. At Intertraffic 2022, Yunex Traffic will present the latest hardware and software solutions that enable safe and environmentally friendly mobility. From traffic, tunnel and highway management to comprehensive mobility management, the innovative systems provide traffic operators with the right tools to make cities livable in the long term.

To ensure that cities remain attractive, it is essential to reduce traffic and environmental pollution. Intelligent hardware and software solutions enable safe and environmentally friendly traffic control. Yunex Traffic will be presenting what this looks like in practice at Intertraffic 2022 in Amsterdam.

A large percentage of global emissions are attributable to mobility.

"A large percentage of global emissions are attributable to mobility. If we look at our cities, this is hardly surprising. Traffic gridlock and air pollution are part of everyday life in cities around the world. We are facing up to these inconvenient facts and developing solutions that minimize pollution from road traffic, increase safety and thus preserve the quality of life in our cities for future generations," says Yunex Traffic CEO Markus Schlitt.

Next generation traffic management & control

Under the motto "Connecting the Dots," Yunex Traffic will demonstrate how the individual players in the shared mobility ecosystem can be networked to profitably orchestrate traffic for operators, participants and the environment. In addition to the latest hardware for connected driving, such as the RSU2X (Roadside Unit), the OBU2X (Onboard Unit) or the brand-new, elegant aluminum traffic light "Alulight", Yunex Traffic also focuses in particular on intelligent software solutions.

Among others, the focus is on the integration of Aimsun Live Simulation into environmentally sensitive traffic management as a decision support tool, the Sitraffic Symphony platform, which paves the way for a new generation of environmentally sensitive traffic management, and Sitraffic Fusion - the cloud-based system for intelligent and adaptive traffic control. Sitraffic Fusion offers several advantages, such as individual prioritization of single road user groups. Yunex Traffic will present both solutions in detail as part of the presentation program at Intertraffic:

  • March 29, 2022, 2:30 pm: Introduction of Sitraffic FUSION
  • March 31, 2022, 3:45 pm: Next generation environmental traffic management

In addition, Yunex Traffic will present innovations for interurban traffic management that make travel on highways and in tunnels smoother, safer and more comfortable. The digital or smartphone-based Sitraffic Versatoll tolling system, for example, heralds a new generation of tolling solutions; the modular Sitraffic Varia system and the BIM-based Digital Twin enable safe tunnel and highway management.

These and many other mobility solutions can be experienced with virtual reality applications, live simulations, and demonstrations at Intertraffic 2022 in Amsterdam.

Visit Yunex Traffic at booth 01.327 and experience live how traffic can be made safe and environmentally friendly in the long term.

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