Adaptive Traffic Control

Manage traffic intelligently and in real time - with adaptive traffic control.

Whether travelling by public transport, car, foot or bicycle, adaptive traffic control optimizes your road network and transport infrastructure, improving road user safety, travel times and reliability, whilst reducing vehicle emissions.

Adaptive traffic control

Roads and intersections that breathe

Intelligent adaptive traffic control to meet the evolving transport, societal and enviromental challenges and opportunities of today and the future.

Adaptive traffic control helps to improve traffic flow and reduce emissions, effectively and sustainably.
Systems for adaptive traffic control

A new approach to dynamic traffic control

Sitraffic FUSION is an entirely new application for intelligent adaptive control, our system uses data from multiple sources and new, advanced decision-making approaches to control and optimize your road network and transport infrastructure – for all road users.

Sitraffic FUSION optimizes your signals – for all users of your road network.

Sitraffic FUSION: The next level of adaptive traffic control

With Sitraffic FUSION adaptive traffic control, towns and cities can control their traffic and pedestrian signals and complex road networks so that traffic flows optimally. Our system is adaptable and suitable for applications of any size. It can focus on specific intersections and areas of your network, as well as the network as a whole – considering all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. And thanks to its intuitive tools, Sitraffic FUSION is both easy to configure and use.

Optimized control for traffic signals and pedestrian crossings

Thanks to the integration of rich, multi-modal data sources, Sitraffic FUSION enables Road and Transport Authorities to achieve improved optimization of signals for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. This marks a step change from traditional techniques that focus only on minimizing vehicle delay.

Fully compatible with different urban traffic central systems

Sitraffic FUSION has been designed to work with multiple Urban Traffic Control systems. Clearly defined interfaces support flexible and seamless deployments, either as a cloud-based solution or locally hosted.

Detect, model and optimize traffic and road user movements

Sitraffic FUSION detects and models traffic in real time and has the ability to optimize signaling based on all road users‘ needs, not just vehicles. The system recognizes multiple vehicle classifications, as well as pedestrians and cyclists, providing an unrivalled understanding and optimization of the road network.

Policy driven traffic control

Sitraffic FUSION’s innovative optimization algorithms analyze the available multi-modal data sources to evaluate and select the best strategies, based on your policy goals and pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Traffic is managed based on multiple criteria, not just vehicle density.


Adaptive traffic control improves traffic flow and liveability in cities

Together with Transport for London, Yunex Traffic has introduced Sitraffic FUSION adaptive network control in metropolitan London. Learn more about this groundbreaking project.

Transport for London | Great Britain

The next generation of adaptive control

  • The Real Time Optimiser (RTO) radically improved traffic management in London
  • The new Sitraffic FUSION uses a variety of data sources from different mobility services
  • Flexible and demand-driven traffic control reduces travel time and significantly improves traffic flow

The Living Laboratory

Yunex Traffic and Transport for London are using a "Living Laboratory" to test, validate and optimise FUSION. This Living Laboratory consists of a number of traffic intersections within a defined area of London and allows newly-developed features to be immediately verified directly by Yunex Traffic and Transport for London, ensuring a solid basis for continuous evolution and improvement of the system.


Get traffic flowing

Would you like to control traffic more flexibly and, above all, more in line with demand? Then ask us - together with you, we will develop a solution for adaptive traffic control in your city.

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