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The traffic computer that can be upgraded to traffic management functionality

The Sitraffic Scala traffic computer takes over status monitoring and centralized traffic control as well as processing and storage of traffic data from traffic signals (traffic lights), thus forming the basis of a modern traffic management system. Our Sitraffic control center platform is based on a very simple idea. The functional modules share a modern traffic engineering platform and can be flexibly extended and combined with other modules at any time to meet new requirements.   Thus a Sitraffic Scala traffic computer can be expanded to become a traffic management system in which the traffic management modules of Sitraffic Concert are activated. This enables the creation of tailored solutions with exactly the range of functions that is currently needed.

The next generation traffic management platform is here!

We launched our next generation traffic management platform Sitraffic Symphony at ITS World Congress 2021. General availability is planned for summer of 2022. Find out more!

Sitraffic Scala

For local authorities, operators and transport planners

Sitraffic Scala is not merely a new traffic computer, but much more. It is a new transport engineering platform that puts an end to the previous rigid boundaries between the system worlds. This enables the creation of tailored solutions with precisely the range of functions that is currently needed.

Modules for traffic control


The visualization screen displays online and historical data on the signaling states of individual traffic signal systems, including coordinated green phases. Among other benefits, this offers users the opportunity to retroactively verify the signaling state of a signal at a certain time, for example for a detailed analysis of components of the traffic-actuated control system.

Quality Management

The module monitors the switching states such as request waiting times for pedestrians and vehicles at traffic signals, as well as the travel times for public transport. Values exceeding preset thresholds indicate a drop in the quality of a traffic signal system. Quality Management makes is possible to carry out detailed quality analyses and initiate targeted improvement measures.

Public Transport

The module collects and processes data on public transport from computer-supported operations control systems and displays it. The stops, lines and stopping points are thus integrated into the system, enabling intermodal transport management.

VIP Routes

The Emergency-Vehicle-Traffic-Management-function allows the user to display, start and monitor the operational routes of rescue vehicles. If a route has been activated across the required intersections, the start and end times of the green phases are switched accordingly for each intersection.


The TASS (Traffic-Actuated Signalplan Selection) module is fed with predefined combinations of recurring traffic situations and the optimum signal plans assigned to them. TASS recognizes the situations under a rule-based system using threshold values and then activates the corresponding signal plans.


Model-based, traffic-actuated signal controllers determine the current traffic situation on the basis of measured data. They then calculate the optimum signal programs for the traffic signals connected to them while the network-related tasks are carried out at the central control level. By optimizing traffic control on both levels, local and central, the system can react very quickly and efficiently to current traffic events, for example strong fluctuations in traffic loads.

Sitraffic Scala: Guaranteed reliability.

Sitraffic Scala: Certified to ISO/IEC 27001

Guaranteed reliability. The availability, reliability and security of Scala are confirmed by certification to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. With the ISO/IEC 27001 certification of the products, systems and services in our portfolio we ensure that all IT security technologies always comply with the latest technical standards. The level of security is further enhanced by the two-stage Scala security concept and the security standards applied in all field devices, servers and data transfer systems.

Sitraffic Scala. Feature highlights:

  • The traffic computer that can be easily expanded into a traffic control center
  • Offers exactly the range of functions that is currently needed
  • Supports various open interfaces such as OCIT and Canto
  • Allows integration of additional functional modules at any time
  • Smooth replacement of existing traffic computers
  • Provides central control of all subsystems
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Parking management reduces traffic loads and environmental impact

Even on ordinary days, up to 40 % of inner city traffic is parking-related. On Saturdays, especially before Christmas, this share may reach 90 %! Parking space management allows efficient guidance of drivers looking for a place to park, thus minimizing parking-related traffic. Depending on the system's architecture, drivers can be provided with parking information before they reach the city center so they can take the shortest route to a conveniently located parking facility.

Sitraffic Guide
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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

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A new freedom of choice for municipalities

Sitraffic Scala allows municipal authorities to define a system that exactly meets their needs and their budget – without any constraints due to technical limitations. This gives even small towns have the opportunity to implement intelligent traffic management functions exactly as required.