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Heavy-duty transport for more wind energy – Yunex Traffic as a supporter

At night, when most people are asleep…

  • Yunex Traffic accompanies heavy transports in Magdeburg at least twice a month
  • The tractor units have a length of 80 meters
  • Various traffic light masts must therefore be turned and dismantled
  • Yunex Traffic has also developed an individual solution

From Magdeburg Rothensee to the A2 or from Magdeburg South to the A14. But no matter which route: the fact is that some transport systems have to make way for heavy goods transport. 80-metre-long rotor blades or tower sections up to 40 metres long and 5.5 metres in diameter demand space. Our technicians from Yunex Traffic are therefore not only responsible for the smooth dismantling and assembly of the systems during the journeys. They have also thought about how to make future transports easier. The solution: foldable short masts and longer reserves to make it easier to carry away or even lift the masts and booms.

“In the beginning, some nights were quite stressful,” says Detlef Tischer, Service Department Manager Yunex Traffic Germany. But especially in this initial phase, it was extremely exciting to accompany these special transports. “At the back, a member of the transport team steers the rear axle with a remote control. Just like a toy car.”

Afterwards everything must be running again

Yunex Traffic is the official contract partner of the city of Magdeburg. For this reason, it naturally makes sense for our service to take on this work: “The correct torque must be set for rotating masts. That’s why the contract partner should do it”. Through regularity, a good routine has developed as a result. Afterwards, all systems run as desired again. Because “after all, all the traffic lights have to run again afterwards.”

While the transport service provider usually takes care of the dismantling, Yunex Traffic is mainly on site for the installation. Arrangements are made directly between the logistics company and Yunex Traffic. In this case, the city itself usually only acts as an intermediary.
Apropos: As Yunex Traffic, we do not only take on such services in Magdeburg. Such special requests also occur in other cities. The frequency with the city of Magdeburg is nevertheless something special. Because it is precisely because of this regularity that the technicians from Detlef Tischer’s team have given free rein to their inventive and innovative spirit.

To get the long tractors through the city, many traffic lights simply have to be removed. Otherwise, the transporter would get stuck. Or simply drive around the obstacles. So the question was how to minimise the effort for these recurring tasks. After all, the constant cutting and reconnecting of all the cables and, above all, the new paving around the base of the systems is time-consuming.

With a little fiddling, then, the solution: masts can remain firmly anchored in the ground if the columns above them can simply be folded down. In other traffic lights, the reserve was left longer, i.e. the cables coming out of the ground. Because why think complicated when it can also be simple? This means that the entire system can simply be moved a few metres if necessary to make room again. This is used when folding a mast is simply not possible due to residential buildings or the like. Last but not least, some booms are simply rotated or even raised by means of appropriate anchor constructions.

Yunex Traffic is at the side of the city of Magdeburg as an experienced service team. When it comes to maintaining the systems and also for special challenges like these. That’s what we are there for. That’s what we are out in the field for.