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A new era has arrived.

Halfway through this eventful decade, the world has undergone significant changes. Global challenges are forcing us to rethink and change several areas of our lives – with mobility at the forefront. It is crystal clear that our mobility must evolve to become smarter, safer and more sustainable. The question is no longer if but how. And there is good news: Technological advancements have evolved. Today, we are on the brink of a new milestone that will fundamentally change how we manage mobility. This milestone sets the course for solving tomorrow’s mobility challenges starting today.


Solving tomorrow’s mobility challenges today.

100 years ago, we installed the first electric traffic light in Berlin (Potsdamer Platz). And can you imagine Europe today without traffic lights? What was an innovative novelty back then is now an integral part of everyday traffic. It was a milestone in traffic technology. But what has happened since then? A glance at the history books is striking: In the 100 years that followed, there were not many such milestones that fundamentally changed the way traffic is controlled and managed. Examples include the introduction of induction loops in the 1960s, the redefinition of traffic control with SCOOT in the 1970s and the revolution in traffic management with Concert in the 2000s. Since these innovations, there have been no major milestones. Until now.

Solving tomorrow’s challenges today

We make tomorrow start today.

In order to solve tomorrow’s mobility challenges, we need to use all the technological possibilities we have available today. We need concrete solutions that respond flexibly to changing needs, that increase safety and that enable multimodal and sustainable mobility. The good news is that these solutions are available. And they are ready to help you solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

Traffic Control System

Dynamic Mobility Platforms to respond flexibly to changing needs

With urbanization, technological advancements, and shifting demographics, flexibility is now essential to optimize resources and enhance the mobility experience. Embracing flexibility in mobility management is crucial for building resilient and sustainable transportation systems for the future. We need dynamic solutions that respond flexibly to the changing needs of our fast-moving world.

Yutraffic Symphony: The dynamic Mobility Management Platform

Yutraffic Symphony enables cities of all sizes to solve their individual traffic challenges in one place. With its infrastructure-agnostic architecture, the platform can be deployed on a customer’s on-premises environment or on secure cloud environments. In either scenario, Yutraffic Symphony offers built-in mechanisms to always stay up to date. Furthermore, the modular architecture allows cities to dynamically expand their system with new capabilities, solutions, and features.

Yutraffic Varia: Speed-up Planning Processes with Digital Twins

For unified highway and tunnel management, the integrated management and control platform Yutraffic Varia enables both on-premises and cloud deployment. At the same time, interactive digital twins can be created from BIM models and/or Lidar scans to simulate and visualize the behavior of the actual live system on the screen or in virtual reality, even before the infrastructure has been built or modernized. The utilization of digital twins helps to avoid mistakes, saves costs and provides completely new opportunities for training and approval processes.

Local Traffic Control

Multimodal Network Control for the benefit of all road users

Gone are the days of singular transportation modes dominating the scene. Instead, we find ourselves in a world where the combination of different transportation modes provides a more efficient, flexible, and sustainable alternative. To navigate through our increasingly interconnected world, we need smarter and more connected solutions that enhance multimodal mobility.

Yutraffic FUSION: Connect mobility and reduce emissions

Yutraffic FUSION is a multimodal network control management tool to combine real-time information and multimodality. The control system uses data from multiple sources and offers new advanced decision-making approaches to control and optimize road networks and transport infrastructure for all road users. It is adaptable and suitable for applications of any size and complex road networks and significantly reduces the need for tedious and lengthy configuration and reconfiguration through workflow automations and an intuitive user interface.

With an intelligent and dynamic extension of green waves, Yutraffic FUSION helps cities to keep traffic flowing, reduce journey times by up to 20% for all road users as well as stops by up to 17%. The result: faster journeys, fewer emissions and cleaner air.

Standard Detection

AI enabled solutions to increase safety and promote more sustainable mobility

The dynamics of urbanization, technological progress, and changing commuter preferences are fundamentally altering transportation patterns. To effectively address pressing challenges like increasing road accidents and the global need for more sustainable mobility, we must capture precise data and learn from it. We need intelligent solutions for a safer and more sustainable mobility.

awareAI: AI Detection for Smart Intersection

Yutraffic awareAI: Increasing safety

Yutraffic awareAI helps to increase safety at intersections by processing images in real-time. It anonymously analyzes the movements of all road users, offering valuable insights into traffic patterns and behaviors. The collected data enables dynamic adjustments such as the extension of green lights at intersections, optimizing traffic flow and minimizing congestion.

Yutraffic InsideAI: Promote more eco-friendly transport

With our new AI-enabled video tolling and enforcement Yutraffic InsideAI, we enable vehicle occupancy to be included in tolling and/or high-occupancy lane enforcement – a game-changer for proactively promoting car-pooling.

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Tomorrow starts today

Experience our new approach to Mobility Management

Today, 100 years after the electric traffic light revolutionized traffic, we redefine mobility management and traffic control with innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and intelligent platforms. We witness a paradigm shift in the entire ITS industry leading to a completely new approach of traffic and mobility management.

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