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Keeping Northern Ireland moving for over 30 years

The work we do contributes towards mobility becoming safer, more efficient and more sustainable. With the latest innovations and technologies, we are proud to bring traffic into the future for all road users. And, in Northern Ireland our team have done that just that for over 30 years!

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, our team have installed, maintained and revolutionised traffic since 1991. Covering over 1,200 traffic sites in Belfast and across the country, our team of 20 works day in, day out, to keep those who live, travel and work in Northern Ireland moving.

In 1991, we were awarded the sole contract to maintain traffic technology across the country. We are proud of our long-standing relationship with the Department for Infrastructure in Northern Ireland and even more proud of the work we do.

From a time where the team would hear about any maintenance issues by needing to locate the nearest telephone box to call the depot, to live tracking and using the latest digital technology to resolve any issues immediately, the way people move has changed, and so has the way we do things.

Introducing new technologies to improve traffic for all

A focus for our team has been introducing LED technology across our signals. The benefit? We are now able to reduce energy consumption and future proof signals from future obsolescence issues, as well as keeping the cost of operating the signals down.

The complexity of sites has changed dramatically over the 30 years. From basic two pole crossings, we now have puffin-ised control with kerbside and on-crossing detection, tactile cones and bleepers for the visually impaired, and almost all new and upgraded junctions have MOVA control. With the increase and complexity of sites, the team has more than doubled in 30 years.

In more recent times, the team has installed many traffic signals and new puffin crossings outside schools. Not just in the city centre, but in rural villages also, school children are now able to travel into, and out of, school in a much safer way than before. We are proud to work with local communities across Northern Ireland to improve safety!

Stratos Traffic Management is the future

Helping to keep traffic flowing efficiently, minimising congestion, pollution and helping to keep our roads healthy is our top priority. Our Stratos Hosted Traffic Management solution is already live in Northern Ireland and the team will be further introducing this innovative technology across the country. Stratos continually evaluates available data sources and makes intelligent traffic decisions in real-time, 24/7, all with road users at the forefront of the management solution.

For #TeamYunexTraffic, we are proud of our long-standing relationship with the customer. Our team understands the needs of those who travel in Northern Ireland and are passionate about making our roads more sustainable and efficient for everyone. Thank you #TeamYunexTraffic!