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Meet Timo and Sarah Treber and see how they are transforming cities at #TeamYunexTraffic

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And, our teams bring innovative projects to life all over the world.

Meet Timo and Sarah Treber, our talented colleagues who are also brother and sister! Timo is a Customer Services Outreach Manager and Sarah is an Office Manager and Business Administrator. Find out more about their roles, how Timo inspired Sarah to join #TeamYunexTraffic and see how they are transforming traffic every single day.

Hi both! Thank you for speaking with us. We are excited to hear more about you and how you both joined #TeamYunexTraffic! Firstly, can you tell us more about your roles and what you do?

Sarah: Of course! I work as an office administrator/business administrator for the North/Northeast area of Germany. My main tasks are focused on controlling the non-contractual services across our Interurban projects as well as parking. This can range from billing, ordering and building close relationships and making contact with our customer services technicians and customers.

Timo: And I am the Outreach Manager for our Customer Services team located in Berlin. In my role, I am the link between the office and our colleagues who do their job at the traffic lights. My tasks typically include personnel planning for our customer service technicians, the planning of on-call services and special assignments, planning and controlling of regular maintenance services and ensuring our documentation – from billing details to measurements and site photos – are of high quality. I am also the Deputy to our Head of Customer Services which is something I take pride in.

How long have you been with #TeamYunexTraffic?

Timo: I joined in 2006 as an Electronics Technician for operating technology before moving into my Outreach Manager role with Yunex Traffic in 2018.

Sarah: And I joined very recently! I joined the team in June 2023.

Timo, what made you recommend Yunex Traffic to Sarah?

Timo: Sarah is dedicated, empathetic and likes to get involved in new things. So, I knew Yunex Traffic would be a great fit and I knew she was the right person to join us. This is why I was pleased to recommend the role to her!

Sarah, we would love to know more about what made you want to join Timo and Yunex Traffic! What had you heard about us?

Sarah: The main reason was that Timo has always been very happy to work here! The range of tasks sounded exciting and interesting as well as the great interaction between colleagues – both with peers as well as between managers and their teams. I had therefore asked Timo from time to time whether there were any vacancies and in 2023, the opportunity arose to apply for this position! We are a big team that wants to achieve success. This is definitely something I have experienced at Yunex Traffic so far.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Timo: One of the main things is that I am empowered to make decisions freely. Within my role, this means I am able to plan the team, our priorities and ensure we meet our promises and commitments effectively.

Sarah: In my position, I see the immediate success of the company. Being a part of that gives me a lot of satisfaction at the end of the day!

Are there any challenges?

Sarah: For me, I did not have any previous experience in the traffic industry so I have quickly had to learn some technical knowledge and find my way around some of our systems such as SAP. However, I have great colleagues who are always by my side and who explain everything, so in the end it is not a challenge and it makes me happy to develop in my new position. SAP already suits me very well!

Timo: You need a certain sensitivity to motivate your colleagues to do their best every day. Each colleague has different motivations and needs which as a manager, you need to be mindful of.

How do you see the future of transport?

Timo: Autonomous driving is taking more and more shape – I think that will be the future of transport.

Sarah: And for me, I see transport continuing to become safer and more environmentally friendly for everyone.

If you could say anything to a person considering a role at Yunex Traffic – what advice would you give?

Sarah: If you would love to join Customer Services, or have experience as a Business Administrator, it is exciting here with lots of responsibility.

Timo: Customer Services is challenging and exciting, and it also offers the opportunity to get involved, to help make decisions and to develop freely in the tasks. You can make a difference here!

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