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“With our 1-Watt-Technology, cities can reduce their energy consumption & save tons of CO2.”

  • With Yunex Traffic’s 1-Watt-Technology cities can reduce the energy consumption of their traffic lights by up to 80%.
  • Making use of state-of-the-art LED technology, the solution combines high visibility with maximum energy efficiency.
  • In view of rising energy costs, Yunex Traffic’s technology is a simple and effective solution for cities to reduce energy costs while contributing to a greener environment.

Munich, 16 February 2023. With its 1-Watt-Technology for traffic lights, Yunex Traffic offers cities and municipalities a solution to reduce the energy consumption of their road infrastructure by up to 80%, saving tons of CO2 and reducing energy costs.

As energy prices rise and climate change advances, cities, and municipalities are looking for ways to save energy and reduce emissions. Yunex Traffic’s 1-Watt-Technology for traffic lights can do both. Based on state-of-the-art LED technology, it combines high visibility with maximum energy efficiency, making it safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

Although the traffic lights upgrade requires an initial investment, it is well worth it for cities: As traffic lights that use 1-Watt-Technology consume up to 80% less energy, energy consumption, and costs can be reduced.

“By upgrading their traffic lights, cities can benefit from minimal power consumption, brilliant optics, and maximum reliability”, says Markus Schlitt, CEO Yunex Traffic. “Cities and municipalities can therefore not only reduce their energy consumption but also save tons of CO2 with our 1-Watt-Technology.”

Digital energy savings calculator shows cities’ savings potential

To give cities an estimate of their savings potential, Yunex Traffic has installed an energy savings an CO2 calculator on their website. Based on the number of inhabitants, from which the number of traffic lights in a city can be estimated, cities can calculate how much energy and CO2 they can save with the 1-Watt-Technology.

The actual savings cities can expect and whether the technology can be implemented in a city depends on the locally installed traffic technology – first and foremost the controller. If cities and municipalities are interested in upgrading their traffic lights with the energy-saving 1-Watt-Technology, Yunex Traffic checks local conditions and provides an individual assessment.  

Lower energy consumption, lower energy costs, and a contribution to a cleaner environment: Upgrading traffic lights with Yunex Traffic’s 1 Watt technology is a decisive step towards more sustainable mobility. Especially, but not only in view of the current energy crisis.