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Adaptive Technologies – manage traffic automatically

Traffic Management for special events

As everyone is gearing up to watch the Bengals and the Rams go head-to-head this Sunday during the Superbowl 2022, us here in the traffic world are focused on how all those pedestrians and vehicles are going to get in and out of the stadium.

Adaptive technologies like Yunex Traffic’s SCOOT have been proven to more effectively manage traffic around special events, roadwork, and even unplanned events like accidents where pre-determined traffic patterns are not keeping up with the planned and unplanned demand.

“The Big House”, or Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor is the largest stadium in the US, with the capacity of housing over 107,000 people. Originally, traffic signals were ran by hand, not a very efficient or safe way to handle large groups entering and exiting the stadium. Even after introducing pre-determined traffic patterns, which helped, the stadium often found these patterns were hard to determine, especially for postgame traffic. What happened if a game got out early, or was a blow out, or went into over-time?

By deploying SCOOT, the stadium was able to see the benefits of adaptive control as it measures and reacts to changing traffic in real-time. As the system adjusts frequently and rapidly with optimized traffic parameters including Cycle, Split, and Offset, SCOOT has been proved to reduce travel times with improved travel time reliability (typically by 15%-20%) as well as reducing fuel consumption


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