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Meet Anne and see how she’s transforming traffic by driving our brand forward!

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And, our Business Teams bring innovative projects to life all over the world.

Meet Anne Zimmermann, our Brand Communications Manager, and see how she’s driving our brand forward and transforming traffic – all over the world.

Hi Anne, thank you for speaking with us! We’d love to find out more about your role and what you do.

Hey there! I’m pleased to offer a glimpse into my role here at Yunex Traffic. As part of our global Marketing & Communications team, I serve as our global Brand Communications Manager. My responsibilities include creating and maintaining our corporate identity, design, and branding strategies, as well as shaping our brand’s visual and digital presence.

With our company operating globally across over 22 countries, my main focus is ensuring the seamless integration of our brand across all touchpoints worldwide. This involves paying close attention to detail to maintain consistency and recognition across platforms like social media, our website, events, and promotional materials.

My mission is simple yet vital: wherever people come across Yunex Traffic, I’m dedicated to ensuring our brand stands out. I’m passionate about strengthening our global identity making a lasting impression on our audience.

How long have you been with #TeamYunexTraffic?

I joined Yunex Traffic in January 2022, when our brand was just six months old. It was an exciting time for our company and since then, I’ve been fortunate to play a role in shaping our brand’s development. Initially, I came on board as the Owned Digital Media Manager, looking after our social media channels and website. With my love for design and attention to detail, I naturally started taking on design tasks, which eventually led to my role evolving. As of October 2023, I’ve been responsible for Yunex Traffic’s overall branding, shaping our visual and digital identity. I’m really thankful for the chance to have my role tailored to my strengths and passions!

What excites you about your role?

What excites me about my role is the opportunity to shape Yunex Traffic’s visual and digital presence. Our #TeamYunexTraffic is dedicated to making our roads safer, more sustainable, and more efficient, and I find it rewarding to communicate these efforts in an inspiring and engaging manner. Being part of a dynamic team allows me the freedom to explore and experiment with fresh ideas, keeping things dynamic and exciting.

Moreover, I’m passionate about collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and locations worldwide. Working alongside colleagues from different teams who bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the table is really exciting. I also find great satisfaction in supporting and guiding my colleagues to maintain brand consistency. Knowing that I’m contributing to our brand’s overall success by helping others effectively represent it in their work is truly rewarding.

Overall, the combination of creativity, collaboration, and the opportunity to drive our brand’s growth is what makes my role so fulfilling.

Are there any challenges within your role?

While there’s a lot of excitement in my role, there are also challenges that keep things engaging. For instance, ensuring brand consistency across a company with over 3,500 colleagues worldwide can be both energizing and demanding. It’s crucial for me to empower my colleagues to represent Yunex Traffic effectively and consistently, regardless of their location in Europe, APAC, or the USA.

Likewise, staying ahead of digital trends to shape our online presence adds a dynamic element to my work. This continuous evolution ensures that my role remains anything but monotonous. Instead, it presents ongoing opportunities for growth and innovation, ensuring that each day brings new and exciting challenges to tackle.

If you could name just one project that you have loved working on at Yunex Traffic so far – what would this be?

It’s quite challenging to pick just one project! From coordinating international campaigns like “Around the World with Yunex Traffic”, highlighting our region-specific lighthouse projects, to creating engaging video productions showcasing our solutions and initiatives, each project has been rewarding. Yet, there is one project that stands out for me: the ongoing development of an internal merchandise store solution.

Currently, I’m working on creating an internal merchandise store for our European regions, with potential expansion to other areas. This solution aims to simplify the process of ordering merchandise items for our colleagues, making it convenient, more sustainable, and cost-effective. Before implementing this centralized solution, we faced several challenges, including excessive manual work, brand inconsistency, high costs, difficulties in meeting minimum order quantities, and lengthy transportation routes. However, with the integration of a centralized system, we can leverage the synergies of our international company to streamline the ordering process and achieve enhanced efficiency. The new solution will empower us to provide carefully selected products that perfectly match our brand and uphold our quality standards, making ordering merchandise items as easy as possible. I’m thrilled about the positive impact this solution will have on our colleagues’ experience and our brand’s image – I can’t wait to launch it in the coming weeks!

If you could say anything to a person considering a role at Yunex Traffic – what advice would you give?

If you’re thinking about joining Yunex Traffic, you’ll be welcomed into a dynamic team where fresh ideas from energetic minds blend with the wisdom of seasoned colleagues. This vibrant mix not only fosters innovation but also mirrors our international footprint. Together, we’re not just shaping the future of mobility – we’re making a global impact that goes beyond borders.

Additionally, embrace the technology aspect of our work. With emerging topics such as AI and Smart City solutions at the forefront, you’ll have the chance to delve into cutting-edge technologies and drive innovation in the industry!

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