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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Czech Republic

Yunex Traffic maintains traffic management in Prague – the “Golden City” in the Czech Republic

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) make it possible to improve and control traffic. Most major Western European cities already use ITS: Prague – capital of the Czech Republic – has also been successfully using central systems and modern traffic controllers from Yunex Traffic for many years. Now the city has appointed Yunex Traffic to also maintain these systems. We met with Petr Klauda, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the Czech Republic, to learn more about the activities in Prague.

Hello Peter! Can you please give us an overview on the situation in Prague?

Prague is the largest Czech city. The heart of the entire traffic system is the traffic control center. Here, current traffic information from all traffic controllers and a multitude of detectors is collected, evaluated, and the most appropriate programs are then used to control the traffic controllers. All this serves to make the roads in Prague safer and the traffic flow smoother.

Are there any other Yunex Traffic products in use in Prague besides the traffic control system?

The traffic control centre consists of seven SCALA traffic control centres. There are also over 600 traffic controllers (160 from Yunex Traffic) in use in the city. In addition, a pilot project with Roadside Units (RSUs) with the latest Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology is running. Prague, together with other cities like Brno and Pilsen, is the first city in the Czech Republic to receive a V2X key solution so that autonomous vehicles can be operated in the future. These opportunities arise from the functionality of special transmitters in V2X technology that transmit real-time information about road conditions directly to vehicles. We at Yunex Traffic implement these systems at several locations in the USA, but also in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, and Singapore.

What is the scope of the maintenance contract awarded in May 2022?

The city of Prague has entrusted us with the maintenance of products, especially all traffic centrals and Traffic-Actuated Signalplan Selection (TASS) supplied by Yunex Traffic. On the one hand, this includes predictive maintenance with fixed maintenance intervals and software and firmware upgrades. In addition, we are responsible for corrective maintenance around the clock. Two traffic engineers will create and modify the facility configuration and design traffic solutions.

How did the team in the Czech Republic react to this assignment?

First of all, we were all very pleased. In addition to supplying intersection equipment to Prague for many years, we can now also carry out service for our own equipment. To be able to execute the order in the best possible way, we are adding new resources and setting up our own Prague service team. Until this is complete, colleagues from other regions of the Czech Republic will support us. I am very grateful for this, because it means a lot of business trips and time investment, especially during the holiday season. But I am happy to announce that our Prague team will soon be complete.

What are your next goals for traffic management in Prague or in the whole Czech Republic?

Our goal is to provide sustainable technology solutions with a focus on environmental protection and improving the quality of life in cities. This includes, for example, our modern 1W solution, which is already in use in other cities in the Czech Republic. We also see great potential in V2X technologies and new traffic management platforms (FUSION). Also, for these solutions, we want to offer our customers high-quality service support

Thank you, Petr, for the interesting overview!