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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Greece

Intelligent Traffic Management System in Greece: ITS Thessaloniki

In early 2022, work on the new Intelligent Unified Traffic Management System was completed in Thessaloniki. The system provides a set of tools and possibilities for conducting measurements, traffic analyses and simulations. Moreover, upgraded traffic control equipment, wireless detection sensors for traffic data measurements, and Roadside Units for C-ITS application are integral parts of the system network. The implementation of the system in Thessaloniki was a successful collaboration of Yunex Traffic Greece with our partner Traffic Technique.

What does the Thessaloniki Traffic Management System consist of?

More than 400 wireless detector sensors (WiMag) collect traffic data, provide accurate data, and require no maintenance. The system also upgraded more than 50 critical intersections with new, state-of-the-art Yunex Traffic controllers. The C-ITS infrastructure in the form of Roadside Units runs at seven intersections and provides topology and signal phasing information. As a result, the Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA) application provides drivers with speed recommendations when approaching an intersection controlled by traffic lights.

What are the benefits for the city?

  • Traffic is now flowing more smoothly despite the traffic problems caused by COVID-19.
  • The GLOSA application can reduce both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by providing drivers speed recommendations when approaching a traffic light.
  • Reliable traffic information builds citizen confidence in the city’s transportation system.
  • More quality of life through sustainable mobility.