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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Poland

Yunex Traffic launched the most modern traffic control system in Poland

An Intelligent Transport System (ITS) allows to improve and manage traffic. In large Polish cities such as Warsaw, Poznań, Białystok, Rzeszów or Kraków, communication is increasingly regulated and improved by this technology. In June 2022, the new ITS was launched in Tychy. It comes with prioritization of buses, trolleybuses, and emergency vehicles; variable message signs with clear information for drivers and passengers; V2X technology transmitters for autonomous vehicles; speed measurements and vehicle weighing stations.

What does the new Intelligent Transport System in Tychy consist of?

We asked Andrzej Dziuba, the mayor of Tychy, what the new ITS in Tychy consists of: “ITS in Tychy is one of the largest projects implemented in our city and one of the most developed traffic control systems in Poland. ITS gives us a whole range of tools and possibilities to conduct various analyses, measurements and traffic simulations. All this is to make the roads in Tychy safer and the traffic flow smoother.”

The heart of the entire system is the modern Traffic Control Centre located in the premises of the Tychy stadium and is one of the largest in Poland (nearly 400 m2). It gathers current traffic information, and it is also the main traffic monitoring center with almost 600 monitoring cameras, together with a number plate recognition system. In the event of an accident, the system will immediately provide such information and enable a message about difficulties to be displayed on 72 boards in selected points of the city. Drivers will learn, among other things, how to avoid road obstructions related to road works, mass events or resulting traffic jams.

As part of the system, more than 40 intersections in the city have been built or modernized, including those along Mikołowska, Katowicka, Bielska, Niepodległości, Sikorskiego and Oświęcimska streets, together with the installation of a full traffic control and monitoring system.

An important element of the system is the priority at intersections for more than 170 buses and trolleybuses, as well as 15 emergency vehicles. Moreover, nearly 20 weather monitoring stations have been installed on the streets of Tychy, along with the measurement of pollution and noise levels. and noise levels, as well as 20 boards informing about the availability of parking spaces along with 6 stands for charging electric vehicles.

The use of data from six speed measurement sections and five dynamic weighing stations for lorries in motion will improve the safety of travelling on the roads of Tychy.

All the functionalities of the new ITS, together with information on traffic conditions and a journey planner, have been included in a dedicated information portal for residents.

The ITS in Tychy was created based on the most modern existing solutions as well as future technologies, including cooperation of road infrastructure with autonomous vehicles. Tychy is the first city in Poland to receive a key solution that enables the operation of autonomous vehicles in the future.