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Yunex Traffic US and Bosch partner to increase safety at intersections

As cities become more congested with cars, pedestrians, and new types of mobility, such as e-bikes and e-scooters, dangerous interactions between road users are increasing. In addition to managing efficient traffic flow, making vulnerable road users more visible to motorists is essential to improving safety at intersections and pedestrian crossings.

Yunex Traffic US and Bosch have formed a collaborative partnership, combining the technical expertise of two well-established companies to offer new solutions for intelligent transportation systems (ITS). With Bosch’s advanced video sensors that provide the foundation for intelligent infrastructure and Yunex Traffic’s portfolio of ITS infrastructure hardware and software, the partnership creates new possibilities for improved traffic management solutions.

An important step towards Vision Zero

Integrating Bosch’s video sensors with Yunex Traffic’s Roadside Units (RSUs) to detect and raise driver awareness of vulnerable road users (VRUs) as they move through urban environments is a field-proven example of the power of integrating the two companies’ technologies. The combined solution can broadcast connected vehicle to infrastructure (CV2X) warnings to reduce the number of incidents. Possible warnings include alerts to stopped vehicles, traffic congestion, pedestrian presence in a crosswalk or on the road, cyclist traffic, and more. Using CV2X, connected vehicle drivers receive alerts to roadway issues and vulnerable road users for real-time safety solutions.

“This partnership mirrors Yunex Traffic’s commitment to not only pushing forward technology that creates more efficient cities but underscores our commitment to the safety of all road users – drivers and vulnerable road users alike,” said Rodney Mathis, President and Managing Director of Yunex Traffic US. “Together with Bosch, we have the solutions available today to help cities’ reach their Vision Zero goals.”

Technology for today and tomorrow

The latest Bosch cameras are built with intelligence capabilities tailored for ITS applications, providing highly accurate AI detection and data. The partnership provides direct integration of the video cameras sending continuous real-time metadata to Yunex Traffic devices through standard IP network connectivity. This integration enables Yunex Traffic to leverage the cameras’ capabilities to extend the applications of video far beyond simple safety messaging and monitoring.

“Bosch’s investment in smart AI-based video sensors to create safer and more efficient roadways is taking ITS technology to the next level,” said Thomas Lang, Head of Intelligent Traffic Solutions for Bosch. “Integrating technology from Bosch and Yunex Traffic provides smart infrastructure solutions that deliver vital information to drivers to improve safety for everyone on the road.”