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Meet Diana and see how we are driving greener mobility at #TeamYunexTraffic!

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And, our Business Teams bring innovative projects to life all over the world.

Meet Diana Willert, our Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer and see how she and her team are driving greener mobility for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Hi Diana, thank you for meeting with us! We’d love to find out more about your role and what you do.

I lead Strategy and Sustainability at Yunex Traffic with high focus currently on Sustainability – which is great! This includes how we at Yunex Traffic contribute to a greener tomorrow and how we fulfil our commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions. In addition, I oversee fantastic teams in Business Excellence & Cyber Security and Marketing & Communications.

How long have you been with #TeamYunexTraffic?

I have been with the team for 26 months and I love being here!

What excites you about your role?

I feel somehow to be at the heart of Yunex Traffic – from a company perspective with Strategy and from an emotional perspective with Sustainability. I am very passionate about both! In addition, I am often so flashed at the trust I receive in forming Yunex Traffic in my areas of responsibility.

From your perspective, what are the major sustainability challenges we face in our industry?

We are all clear about the need for action. And this is unfortunately where commitment often comes to an end. My view is that society often acts short sighted which will bunch back and cost a lot more in the years to come. I have the feeling that the majority are waiting for the future – but the future is already here. Our GoGreen portfolio, for example, is ready to be deployed to make the world a better place, with less emissions, better air and a higher quality of life.

Can you give us an insight into Yunex Traffic’s commitment to creating a more sustainable world?

Let me firstly say: Sustainability is a broad field. It starts with compliant and ethical behaviour, high quality standards and cybersecurity in our portfolio, to our social responsibility towards our employees when it comes to inclusion, safety or trainings and leads up to what most people think first when hearing the term Sustainability: reducing emissions. In all these areas, we analyzed what is of most importance to our stakeholders, including our employees, so we can prioritize our Sustainability focus areas.  

The highlight for me: our commitment to Net Zero in our Own Operations by 2040. This is 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. With this commitment, we will reduce all emissions within our sites and factory, and in our fleet, to as little as possible. By 2030, we will already have reduced our emissions by 50%. We will achieve the -50% by switching electricity to renewables and stepwise, decarbonizing our fleet. I am so proud that we at Yunex Traffic let action follow our words. Just recently, we have launched our first Sustainability Report highlighting all of our ambitions.

What does the future of traffic and mobility look like to you?

Smooth, seamless and silent! I have recently been to Barcelona where walking through the city, I noticed in some streets: yes, there is traffic but the whole street is basically a footpath (and not a “side”-walk). Although there were cars, the cars had no privilege. It was amazing: people were on the street, walking, talking, connecting. This was a glimpse to my future of traffic. Traffic or better transport is here to serve the people and not vice versa.

If you could say anything to a person considering a role at Yunex Traffic – what advice would you give?

You think traffic equals emissions? We at Yunex Traffic are not part of the problem, we are part of the solution. Join our talented team and make a difference. Help us to create a more sustainable world.

Feeling inspired and want to make a difference too? Become a Traffic Transformer! We have many opportunities for you to join us at Yunex Traffic. Check them out today by visiting