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GREEN AWARDS 2023: Yunex Traffic among TOP 3 with solution for increasing travel speed and safety for cyclists

Cyclist with YuBike App
  • Yunex Traffic was among the TOP 3 nominees for the GREEN AWARD 2023 in the category “Mobility”.
  • Yunex Traffic’s solution “YuBike” for cyclists emerged as one of the TOP 3 standout projects increasing travel speed and safety for cyclists.
  • “YuBike” grants cyclists priority at traffic lights by utilizing V2X technology without effecting the traffic flow.

Los Angeles, USA, 28 September 2023. At the GREEN TECH FESTIVAL in Los Angeles, Yunex Traffic was among the TOP 3 candidates for the GREEN AWARD in the category “Mobility” with its solution “YuBike”. YuBike addresses the challenges faced by modern urban cyclists and enhances safety and efficiency.

The GREENTECH FESTIVAL (GTF) is an annual global event dedicated to showcasing pioneering sustainable initiatives. Since 2021, the organization has been running satellite events worldwide. On September 27th, the GTF celebrated its debut in Los Angeles with the GREEN AWARDS ceremony recognizing innovative and sustainable solutions. For bringing tangible benefits to urban mobility, Yunex Traffic made it into the TOP 3 finalists for the GREEN AWARD in the category “Mobility” for its cycling application “YuBike”.

YuBike increases travel speed for cyclists in urban environments

YuBike grants cyclists priority at intersections via smartphone application. The solution replaces existing standard timings of signal stations with demand-oriented traffic light control, increasing travel speed and safety for cyclists. 

When a cyclist equipped with the YuBike app approaches an intersection, the current status of the traffic light system, as well as the direction and speed of the bicycle, is recognized. The cyclist’s smartphone determines its position via GPS and checks whether the bike has passed a specific trigger point at a predetermined speed. Utilizing V2X technology, the app sends a green light request to the traffic controller when the bike passes this point. If the situation allows, the controller switches the bicycle traffic light to green directly, or at least up to six seconds earlier than for cars. Additionally, it can extend an existing green phase by up to six seconds. This extension does not disrupt the flow of car or bus traffic. 

Demand-oriented traffic light control increases safety at intersections

When a traffic light switches to green, there is a delay before a cyclist reaches the same point as cars at the intersection. Providing this lead time for the bicycle traffic light allows cyclists to clear potential conflict points with turning vehicles before they reach the intersection. The outcome: cyclists are safer and more visible, and drivers have to brake less frequently due to cyclists making turns, resulting in smoother traffic flow for both parties. 

“Being among the TOP3 finalists of the GREEN AWARD is a testament to our dedication to revolutionizing the way we move. Technological innovations play a decisive role in making eco-friendly forms of transport more convenient, safe, and reliable. To achieve sustainable mobility, we must change how we use and control traffic and implement innovative mobility solutions that positively influence traffic flow and behavior. YuBike is a great example of how future-proof solutions can look like,” says Markus Schlitt, CEO of Yunex Traffic.