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Meet Katarina and find out how our HR teams are transforming traffic each day!

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And, our Business Teams bring innovative projects to life all over the world.

Meet Katarina Dedić, our HR Systems Professional in Austria, and see how our business functions are transforming traffic every single day.

Hi Katarina! We’d love to hear more about your role and what you do.

Of course! I oversee HR Admin for nine countries within Central & Eastern Europe, working closely with our HR Business Partners and Managing Directors on all things HR. I’m the first point of contact for our employees should they have any questions on HR topics such as recruiting, payroll, time and attendance, travel and expenses, the onboarding of new employees and more.

I also have a special role within our department – Super Admin! It allows me and a few of my Super Admin colleagues to dive deeper into our HR system and carry out system changes when needed. As a result, I also help colleagues in other countries outside of Europe.

I sit within our global HR team where all strategies, ideas and updates are discussed as one global team. This is a huge advantage as we can learn from each other and often identify a global solution which works for all 3,300 employees. It is exciting to work on local projects which often become global projects which all employees can benefit from!

We do however have instances where not everything can operate the same for each region. These challenges open new, smaller and more local projects. We then come up with a local solution with the regional employees and HR regulations in mind. This makes me very happy as we can ensure our people are happy with an outcome that works for both them and the business.

I like versatility in the work – it helps me learn more about the needs of our Yunex Traffic business and what is expected.

How long have you been with #TeamYunexTraffic?

I have worked for Yunex Traffic since March 2022. I joined the company during the middle of a major HR project as we created, designed, implemented and launched an entire new HR system for Yunex Traffic.

My first task was to take over all Admin knowledge in the respective nine countries and set up the Admin processes in the most effective way. This has at times been overwhelming with a lot to take in but looking back, I am proud that I have managed to finish important HR processes for our people.

What excites you about your role?

Every day brings something new in my role. As HR we have, of course, many daily/monthly/quarterly tasks, but I can always expect to learn something new. What excites me the most is when we are able to offer our employees easier ways of solving specific tasks, and highlighting the tips and tricks they can do to make things quicker and easier for them.

I like to welcome new approaches and get advice from others in how we can improve. I often find myself seeking out small systems solutions, and once I find them, I thrive and it brings such joy!

My work is very flexible and my daily work usually takes place online. A few years ago I could only dream that a HR position could be so digitalized with minimal papers laying on the desk!

Also, a special feeling and sense of excitement for me is when I see that projects are live, working and stable. It means the work has been done correctly and is making a difference for our people!

Are there any challenges working in HR?

When solving challenges in HR, communication is crucial. We are all very busy and working on payroll deadlines/accounting deadlines/project deadlines and understanding the need for positive and timely communications is important. For me in HR, the most important point is prioritizing tasks and knowing the deadline/timeline in which we can deliver something.

In HR, we have had a busy, challenging but exciting time as we have created an entire new HR system and processes. For our team, there have been so many new things but despite the challenges, we are all giving our best, working together as a team and striving for the same goal.

It has also presented a great learning opportunity for me. We are on a great path and we are wiser, smarter and more successful as a result.

If you could name just one project that you loved working on at Yunex Traffic so far – what would this be?

The biggest project I have worked on was the project I mention – implementing one HR platform that includes everything HR – payroll, time and attendance, travel and expenses, electronic personnel files, recruiting and much more.

I think it is a privilege to use a HR tool where you have all employee and relevant data in one place. It makes everyday work so much easier and our employees do not need to log into different platforms for different things.

There are some ongoing projects which I am looking forward to completing for our people! One of them is our Onboarding and Offboarding module which will see the nine countries I work with use similar, but adapted, solutions and processes to ensure they can successfully onboard new talent.

If you could say anything to a person considering a HR or business role at Yunex Traffic – what advice would you give?

For me, Yunex Traffic opened so many new fields of interactions, so many new approaches on how to work and how to solve open challenges. We all work in the same company with the same goal.

We have a culture where our management want to change things for the better, to finish projects and make a difference. This effort has been ‘transmitted’ to employees. For me, there is no better feeling than knowing that your work matters and will be cherished once it is finished.

For me, lifelong learning is important and you really can grow professionally and personally here. You can always ask someone for advice and say ‘I do not know how this works’ – it is usually me doing something IT specific! We have so many professionals in every field. It is a nice place to grow and stay.

There are also employee networks which all employees are invited to join. One of them is the Women’s Network which I am proud member of. In the network we hold personal growth and coaching sessions where we talk about the challenges we face in everyday work and how to solve them. We even took our Women’s Network to a local level and we now have an Austrian Women’s Network!

Working for a year at Yunex Traffic, I can say I am very happy working here, and for so many given opportunities in many different areas. Join us and grow, develop and enjoy doing work which makes a real difference too!

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