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Meet Carina and become a #TrafficTransformer, too!

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. Our 1,200+ employees in Customer Services work every day to make our roads safer – all over the world.

Meet Carina Drews and learn more about her 11-year career with #TeamYunexTraffic, the roles she’s taken on, and how traffic engineering on the roads has changed over the course of her career.

Hello Carina! We’re excited to learn more about you and your career at Yunex Traffic. What role are you currently in and what does your career path look like?

In my role as Customer Services Director for Hamburg, I am responsible for Services from Flensburg to Lüneburg in Germany. I currently manage 14 service technicians in my team. My tasks include strategic team planning and employee appraisals, in which we discuss individual qualification and development planning to ensure the whole team are able to progress, develop and achieve their career aspirations at Yunex Traffic. When working on-street, often close to busy traffic, safety is our highest priority so I regularly visit our sites and meet with the teams to ensure they can carry out the required works as planned, with the correct personal protective equipment and with the safest materials and equipment.

After I completed my apprenticeship in industrial business management at Siemens in Kiel, I was offered a job as a Contract Administrator clerk in Road Traffic Engineering in Hamburg. After six years in this position and after completing my evening university studies in Business Administration, I was looking for new and exciting challenges. I have found these in the same department as a Customer Services Director.

You’ve been with us for over 11 years! How do you think traffic technology on our roads has changed over this time?

Getting home safely in road traffic has always been a priority. Traffic technology makes a significant contribution to this. Through the further development and implementation of our technologies, we offer road users an even higher level of safety. Be it automated speed control due to hazards, congestion or even weather conditions such as fog, ice and snow, intelligent traffic guidance or prioritization of emergency vehicles. Over the course of my career so far, we have been able to implement these and many more great projects.

Is there a particular project you enjoyed working on during your time in the field? In what way did working in the field help you with your future tasks?

This is hard to answer as I basically find all field services activities exciting! Whether it is maintenance on sign bridges or the installation of traffic signals, I learn many important things from my services colleagues on every assignment.

By working in the field, I always get helpful information to plan the service colleagues’ assignments in the best possible way for them as well as our customers.

What does the future of traffic in our cities look like to you?

I see “green” for the future of traffic in our cities. The ever-growing road network continuously offers road users new information for a safer and more economical journey.

Is there anything you’d like to pass along to future #TrafficTransformers at Yunex Traffic?

We have a great team in which everyone is there for each other. With our work, we make an important contribution to making traffic in cities safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Thank you, Carina, for giving us a glimpse into your career and your exciting career path!