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Leveling Up to Revolutionize Mobility in Europe: Three New Game-Changers to Join Our Leadership Team 

In Europe, addressing the impact of mobility on CO2 emissions is crucial as the transportation sector remains a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (up to 30%!). As urban populations continue to grow, the demand for smarter cities, including intelligent mobility solutions, is now on top of the minds of Europe’s cities. And not only to meet the sustainability targets of the European Union but also to stay a livable and enjoyable place.

We’re here to support this paradigm shift in Europe’s capitals. Picture this: Less traffic congestion and reduced air pollution through tailor-made, intelligent traffic management systems. More reliable public transport options through prioritization mechanisms. Smoother and safer rides for cyclists with intelligent traffic lights and recognition systems. Plus, more dependable infrastructure for charging electric vehicles through high-quality EVCI services.

To propel the mobility revolution in Europe to new heights, it’s essential to have local and global experts on board who know the European countries and their requirements first-hand. This ensures scalable, individual solutions. For every city, for every characteristic.

Therefore, we proudly announce that our forces at #TeamYunexTraffic are continuously growing. In the recent month, we welcomed three new faces to our leadership team, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to bring the mobility revolution in Europe to the next level! And here they are: 

Gino Franco: Driving Smart and Sustainable Mobility in Italy

Since November, Gino Franco, a distinguished executive with over thirty years of experience in Smart Mobility and ITS, has taken over leading the Italian business of Yunex Traffic. With a proven track record, Gino Franco has consistently driven corporate growth through innovative processes, strategic vision, and agile operations. His profound understanding of deployment value chains and business models further enhances his capabilities. Gino Franco brings extensive experience in leading global teams of experts across diverse domains, shaping customer-centric integrated solutions that align seamlessly with market and technology trends.

“I am thrilled to assume the role of Managing Director for Yunex Traffic in Italy. I am excited about assembling a team of committed professionals ready to boost innovation and transform Italy’s mobility landscape. Italy mirrors the challenges faced by numerous European cities, with a significant portion of CO2 emissions originating from transportation. We recognize the immense potential in accelerating the transition to greener mobility, paving the way for a more sustainable future for everyone,” shares Gino Franco, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic Italy.

“We are witnessing a profound wave of transformation in Italy, encompassing the development of Smart Cities, the concerted pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the optimization of highway traffic and tunnel systems. With Gino Franco, we have an exceptional leader on board to help Italy enhance the efficiency of road transportation, mitigate urban emissions, and thereby foster a more sustainable approach to mobility. With his expertise, drive, and dedication, Gino Franco will play an instrumental role in revolutionizing mobility in Italy,” says Markus Schlitt, CEO of Yunex Traffic.

Martin Nemec: Paving the Way for Safer Roads in the Czech Republic

Martin Nemec, formerly Head of Intelligent Transportation Systems at Yunex Traffic Czech Republic, has been appointed as the new Managing Director for the Czech Republic. Effective October 2023, Martin is gradually taking over the responsibilities of Petr Klauda, who has led our Czech business for the past 12 years. Under Martin’s guidance, we look forward to expanding our regional presence and contributing to safer roads and greener cities through sustainable mobility solutions and intelligent traffic management.

“I look forward to expanding our footprint in the Czech Republic. Our passionate #TeamYunexTraffic is committed to revolutionizing mobility championing a greener, more sustainable mode of traffic and transportation. Be it the proficiency of our sales force, the dedication of our service technicians, or the invaluable insights of our industry experts and traffic engineers, our regional business rests on the unified strength of this extraordinary team. It’s an honor to embark on this next chapter with this dedicated group,” says Martin Nemec, Managing Director, Yunex Traffic Czech Republic.

“We’re thrilled to appoint Martin Nemec as our new Managing Director for Yunex Traffic in the Czech Republic. His journey is a testament to passion, expertise, and determination. Under his proficient leadership, Yunex Traffic will continue to reshape the mobility landscape in the region, leading to safer roads and more sustainable, liveable cities in the Czech Republic. Together, we will make mobility more efficient, safer, and greener with our intelligent solutions,” says Markus Schlitt, CEO of Yunex Traffic.

Lin Borremans: Leading Financial Excellence in Belgium and Luxembourg

With more than ten years of hands-on experience in the ITS industry, Lin Borremans is a seasoned expert in financial management and strategic planning. In October, she was appointed the new Managing Director of Finance for the Belgium and Luxembourg region.

“In my new position at Yunex Traffic, I look forward to maintaining and expanding our competitiveness in the market by continuously challenging ourselves. With my expertise, I support the mobility revolution in Belgium and Luxembourg, which is no longer a viable option but a necessity due to the growing population. Together, our #TeamYunexTraffic will shape a greener mobility, and I am eager to support this movement,” says Lin Borremans, Managing Director Finance at Yunex Traffic Belgium and Luxembourg.

“With a strong financial backbone, we are able to bring innovation to the streets through leveraging high-tech solutions making roads safer, cities greener, and mobility more sustainable,” says Jan Villwock, CFO of Yunex Traffic.

“We are proud to see ITS market talents growing within Yunex Traffic, ready to take the next career step with us and continuing to revolutionize mobility. Lin’s exceptional leadership will be instrumental in securing our continued success. I am very excited to welcome Lin as a strong addition to our leadership team, and I can’t wait to start working together”, Villwock adds.

Leveling up together as #TeamYunexTraffic

We extend our warmest welcome to Gino, Martin, and Lin! Together, we’ll keep pushing the boundaries to enhance mobility in Europe, making it more efficient, safer, and sustainable.