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Our next chapter is here

It was announced in January 2022 and on June 30th, 2022 the time has come: the sale of Yunex Traffic has been successfully completed and we are a proud part of the Atlantia Group. This is not only a big step for us, but also for the whole ITS industry.

One group, one goal: reshaping tomorrow’s mobility

Atlantia is a leading global player in transport infrastructure and advanced mobility services with more than 23,000 employees worldwide. The Italian group’s focus is on developing pioneering services and solutions to reshape the future of mobility. Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of this.

Together with its portfolio companies, which include Aeroporto di Roma, operator of Fiumicino and Ciampino airports in Rome, the Spanish highway operator Abertis and the mobility service provider Telepass, which specializes in toll systems, Atlantia is pursuing a single goal: to make tomorrow’s mobility smarter, safer, more sustainable and seamless.

This goal also drives us at Yunex Traffic: With our end-to-end portfolio of intelligent traffic management solutions, we enable cities, highway authorities and mobility providers to make road networks and fleets intelligent. This improves road safety and reduces environmental impact. We see a deeper purpose in what we do. Because we take responsibility: for people as well as for the environment. Atlantia thus offers us the best possible environment in which to initiate the much-needed mobility revolution together with strong partners.

Independent company in a strong group with numerous opportunities

Within Atlantia, we will continue to operate as a fully independent company and also retain our name and brand. At the same time, we will benefit from the many opportunities that the group opens up for us. For example, the portfolio companies offer great potential for numerous synergy effects. In addition, Atlantia’s strong presence in markets such as Spain, France and Italy, where we have not been active before, brings enormous growth potential for our company.

Thus, as part of the Group, we are perfectly positioned to further expand our position as the world’s leading provider of adaptive traffic management systems, intelligent solutions for connecting traffic and tolling systems, and to further advance our goal of digitizing the mobility industry.

With our new strategic owner, our great global team and the most innovative portfolio in the market, we have everything we could ask for to transform mobility around the world. I am very excited to see what the future holds and to work with Atlantia and its portfolio companies to make mobility safer, smarter, more sustainable and seamless.

Markus Schlitt, CEO Yunex Traffic

What are we waiting for? Let’s transform tomorrow’s transportation so that our roads are safer, mobility is more sustainable, and our cities are more liveable. Together. Around the globe.