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Automated road traffic: “Also a matter of will”

Professor Dr. Marcel Hunecke, research professor at the Applied Social Studies department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, speaks about the psychological factors influencing our mobility behavior and the new role that we humans will adopt in the future world of automated and connected road traffic.

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City limits?

Q&A: Markus Schlitt, CEO Yunex Traffic. Markus Schlitt reveals which cities are trendsetters in mobility and why playing by their rules is the way to win.

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Smart, smarter, smartest

Working together in actively shaping the transformation – with new technologies for vehicles and related systems.

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The car of the future will be autonomous

Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW, speaks about tomorrow’s urban mobility.

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“Road Mobility is going to be safer and more mixed”

Interview with Oliver Schmerold, CEO of ÖAMTC.

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“No private car can compete with that”

Interview with Henrik Falk, CEO of Hamburger Hochbahn AG.

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The question of (our) time

What will the city of the future be: a place for motorized traffic – or a livable green ecosystem?

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Singapore: The world’s smartest nation by 2030?

Fred Kalt, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the Asia Pacific region, speaks about the ambitious urbanization project ‘Smart Nation Singapore’, the first fully integrated Digitalization Hub in this multi-cultural island nation - and the question whether South-East Asia could become the birthplace of the future of mobility.

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Artificial intelligence: “Our computers were appallingly stupid”

Mario Sela, mobility expert at Bitkom, Germany's digital association, on the technological and social dimensions of artificial intelligence, the potential for optimization that AI offers for mobility, and the question of who should have the final say in automated traffic systems: the machine or the human?

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