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Smart Cities: Individual solutions for cities

With rising population density, the world's megacities are facing ever more complex problems. This is precisely why they are also the best places for the concerted development of smart solutions for the city of the future. One example is the new Smart City Digital Hub at Hong Kong Science Park, where Mobility is one of the focus topics.

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Traffic control systems in Angola: Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes

Strong ambitions: By leveraging its favorable location at the intersection of two trans-African transport corridors, Angola plans to become an important logistics hub. For this purpose, a road network of close to 14.000 km is under construction. The key to the future are innovative traffic control systems.

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Digital road traffic: The transformative power of a true revolution

Markus Schlitt, Head of Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), speaks about the integration of the road into the Internet of Things, the new role of cities and towns in the context of increasing mobility digitalization, and the advantages that smart software-driven traffic engineering offers over conventional solutions.

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Transport policy: Singapore’s race for mobility solutions

Singapore is at the forefront of innovation in terms of land transport. In a new master plan it sets out a vision for land transport for the next 20 years in response to a growing population and land constraints, and greater expectations and demand for mobility.

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