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Sustainability at Yunex Traffic – EV Charging

Charging your vehicle is probably the number-one issue for people considering buying a fully electric or plug-in hybrid car right now. Where can the vehicle be charged? What equipment is needed?

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Welcome to our first sustainability month!

The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Causing 20 percent of global emissions, the transport sector is one of the biggest polluters. When we look at our cities, this is hardly surprising.

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Smooth, safe and sustainable traffic in Zielona Góra, Poland, provided by Yunex Traffic

Yunex Traffic has successfully signed the contract for the development of a new ITS system for the city of Zielona Góra, Poland. The contract covers the development and installation of intelligent software and hardware solutions to improve traffic conditions, increase traffic safety and sustainability.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Poland

We launched the most modern traffic control system in Poland this year: #ITS Tychy! With the new Intelligent Transport System, the roads in Tychy will become safer and the traffic will flow smoother. With Prioritization of buses, trolleybuses & emergency vehicles; Variable message signs with clear information for drivers and passengers; V2X technology transmitters for autonomous vehicles; Speed measurements; Vehicle weighing stations.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Slovakia

How can cities reduce their carbon footprint by 12 tonnes of CO2 per year? By renovating the street lighting! We at Yunex Traffic replaced the old luminaires on the SNP bridge with new LED luminaires, which save around 75 MWh of electricity annually. This is how the city reduces its carbon footprint by 12 tonnes of CO2.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Turkey

The largest suspension bridge in the world has been opened to traffic in Turkey this year: the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge with a total length of 4.5km! We at Yunex Traffic equipped it with the latest electrical & electromechanical systems, ensuring a safe & comfortable journey for all road users.

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Yunex Traffic presents solutions for safe and secure Tunnel operations

For the first time in the company’s history, Yunex Traffic showcase their solutions for digital tunnel and highway management at World Tunnel Congress 2022. The spotlight will be on the digital tunnel and highway management system Varia, and on the Digital Twin. Yunex Traffic’s digital solutions for tunnel management and operations are already in use in various projects all around the world.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Belgium

The city of Leuven is taking the streets back from the cars! We will install a new parking guidance system that will direct cars to parking spaces outside the center which will improve the quality of life in the city. The new traffic guidance system will be much more flexible and user-friendly than the old one and will offer numerous benefits.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Czech Republic

Golden traffic management for the golden city: Our solutions make the roads in Prague safer and the traffic flow smoother! For many years, the city of Prague has successfully used our central systems and modern traffic control systems. Now the city has commissioned us to also maintain these systems!

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