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Meet Laura and find out how she’s transforming traffic!

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And, our Business Teams bring innovative projects to…

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Meet Thea and hear about how being an ally can drive inclusiveness and make all the difference

At Yunex Traffic, we are continually working to create a workplace that is equal, diverse and inclusive. But we know…

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How Our Women’s Network is Leading the Charge for Inclusion and Diversity

As a company, we recognize the importance of having a diverse workforce. However, like many companies in this sector, we…

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Meet Vít and become a #TrafficTransformer, too!

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And, our Research & Development teams are developing…

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Bietigheim-Bissingen: Pioneer for sustainable road infrastructure

With the start in 1998, a success story of sustainable traffic control began in Bietigheim-Bissingen: By using energy-saving LED technology,…

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“With our 1-Watt-Technology, cities can reduce their energy consumption & save tons of CO2.”

With Yunex Traffic’s 1-Watt-Technology cities can reduce the energy consumption of their traffic lights by up to 80%.

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Yunex Traffic US and Bosch partner to increase safety at intersections

As cities become more congested with cars, pedestrians, and new types of mobility, such as e-bikes and e-scooters, dangerous interactions…

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Yunex Traffic introduces integrated contactless payment for EV chargers in the UK

Yunex Traffic is rolling out a new contactless payment solution to its electric vehicle (EV) ChargePoint Operator (CPO) customers across the UK.

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Yunex Traffic enters the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market in the US 

Yunex Traffic has officially entered the U.S. electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI) market with the installation of EV charging stations in Atlanta.

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