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PrioBike project: German city Hamburg enhances cyclist safety with another solution from Yunex Traffic

Foto of intersection in Hamburg with PrioBike solution in place
  • Yunex Traffic, in collaboration with the Hamburg Traffic Authority and the City of Hamburg, is installing a bicycle safety solution as part of the PrioBike-HH project to enhance safety in the Hafencity.
  • At the intersection of Am Sandtorkai and Großer Grasbrook, road users will be warned of potential collisions by flashing LED ground lights using state-of-the-art radar technology and compact control systems.
  • In addition to the already successfully installed bicycle totem, this solution is another milestone in the PrioBike-HH project, which aims to promote cycling and improve traffic safety in Hamburg.

Munich, March 25, 2024. In Hamburg, at the intersection of Am Sandtorkai/Großer Grasbrook, a bridge pillar obstructs the view for motorists when turning. Yunex Traffic, in collaboration with the Hamburg Traffic Authority and the City of Hamburg, is installing a solution as part of the PrioBike-HH project that detects potential hazards early and prevents accidents.

Hamburg’s Hafencity is a vibrant urban area, bustling with activity day and night, thanks to numerous attractions such as the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall and the intricate Speicherstadt district. Cycling is a particularly popular mode of transport in Hamburg, allowing residents and visitors to reach their destinations quickly and conveniently, while promoting health and sustainable mobility in the Hanseatic city.

Safety is a crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked when it comes to cycling. Nils Schmidt, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic Germany, confirms: “At Yunex Traffic, we are committed to bringing greener mobility to German cities. That’s why we are working with the City of Hamburg on the ‘PrioBike-HH’ project to develop various solutions to promote and support cycling. Safety is of paramount importance. I am delighted that together with the City of Hamburg we have successfully implemented another milestone to specifically increase the safety of cyclists.”

Enhanced safety through detectors and LED ground lights

Yunex Traffic has equipped the intersection of Am Sandtorkai/Großer Grasbrook with modern radar detectors. These devices identify moving objects on the cycle path and determine their speed. Additionally, LED ground lights have been installed along the lane markings across the crossing.

For instance, if a cyclist approaches at a speed exceeding 12 km/h while a vehicle intends to turn, the technology detects this potential hazard. Once this potential collision situation is identified at the intersection, the white LED ground lights start flashing immediately, warning road users of a potential accident.

What’s remarkable about this technology is its intelligence: it only reacts when two objects are on a collision course. If there is no risk of collision, cyclists or scooter riders can safely pass through the intersection. The system can also detect wrong-way cyclists on the cycle path and trigger the warning system. Personal data is not collected, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations at all times.

Since March 13, 2024, this solution has been successfully deployed, further paving the way towards safer and greener mobility in Hamburg.