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Recap: Yunex Traffic at World Tunnel Congress 2023 

Yunex Traffic participates for the second time at the World Tunnel Congress

“Ήταν καταπληκτικό και μια τεράστια επιτυχία!” meaning “It was amazing and huge success!” – This is how we at Yunex Traffic can summarize our participation at World Tunnel Congress 2023 in Athens, Greece this year. Under the congress’ motto “EXPANDING UNDERGROUND” we were joining this congress for the second time to showcase our newest solutions for tunnel and freeway management as well as our Digital Twin. The historic venue “Megaron Center” in the heart of Athens made this event unique.  

Our highlight: The launch of Yutraffic Varia

We presented Yutraffic Varia, our new tunnel and highway control software, to the industry for the first time at the World Tunnel Congress 2023. The product launch was celebrated at the booth: after a short presentation and live-demo, our customers had the chance to ask questions and enjoy a Greek-Bavarian reception with our experts.

Yutraffic Varia is an integrated traffic and plant management system that combines tunnel operation technology and highway control technology. The software is modular and scalable, allowing for flexible adaptation to user needs. It integrates different traffic, tunnel, and plant control subsystems, ensuring the reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety of the infrastructure system. Despite its broad responsibilities, Yutraffic Varia remains intuitive and user-friendly. It ensures ease of operations through guided workflows for operators and the interoperability of all sub-systems, enabling seamless interaction without human intervention. 

The benefits at one glance:

✅ With Yutraffic Varia, you can manage all your tunnel control processes in one platform and therefore harmonize all your operations seamlessly. From reducing traffic congestion to increasing safety, this software is the perfect solution for efficient and secure highway and tunnel control.

✅ Yutraffic Varia is scalable, making it easy to upgrade your existing system! It allows you to start small and evolve fast to meet changing business needs.

✅ Seamless integration makes it easy to upgrade your existing systems!

Watch the video now and learn more about the next generation of highway and tunnel control systems:

Virtual Reality – Our Digital Twin for tunnel solutions

In addition to the introduction of Yutraffic Varia, we invited the participants of the World Tunnel Congress 2023 to explore our latest advances in the world of digital twin technology. Our BIM Specialist, Nihan Sena Diren, held an insightful speech about our digital twin technology. We have asked her about her impressions!

Nihan, what were some of the key points of your presentation of our Managed Digital Twin solution for tunnels? 

Nihan: “It was an exciting opportunity to present at the World Tunnel Congress, where I explained how our Managed Digital Twin solution can improve tunnel operations. I explained the integration of traffic management and control systems, building information modelling (BIM) and traffic simulation in a virtual environment. I also highlighted the impact of the VR experience on decision making and overall understanding of the project. As a result, the presentation sparked interesting discussions from both industry professionals and academics about the potential of digital twins in transforming tunnel operations. In discussions about our Managed Digital Twin solution, we talked about the possibility of AI recognition for tunnel objects, the potential of a cloud-based data environment to engage different stakeholders, and the power of realistic simulations for different scenarios in VR. These conversations highlighted the importance of our solution and its potential to transform tunnel operations.”

Watch the video about our Digital Twin now:

Our Digital Twin solution presents a virtual reality visualization of tunnels, achieved through the integration of BIM, traffic and asset management systems, as well as traffic simulation and asset management. The digital twin serves as a virtual representation of real infrastructure, systems, and processes within tunnels, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience. By employing the digital twin, real-world systems can be effectively replaced across numerous stages of the process, granting the ability to conduct testing and simulations that would otherwise be unpredictable. This remarkable capability improves project quality, improves implementation speed, reduces project costs, and optimizes operational efficiency.

The World Tunnel Congress 2023 was a real success and we are already looking forward to the next fair! Together, we will continue to push boundaries and shape the future of mobility. 🚀