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Solving tomorrow´s mobility challenges today: Yunex Traffic introduces new approach to mobility management

  • Yunex Traffic showcases a new approach to mobility management at this year´s Intertraffic by introducing its holistic platform approach that leverages the potential of connected data, artificial intelligence, and hybrid cloud technology.
  • The company and its subsidiaries present their AI-enabled solutions that power digital twins and predictions in urban and interurban scenarios, as well as real-time mobility information for commuters.
  • Furthermore, Yunex Traffic announces that its AI-enabled network adaptive system with a focus on multimodality, Yutraffic FUSION, has been certified to be integrated into the Mobilidata ITSApp tenders of Belgium

Yunex Traffic, a global leader in intelligent traffic systems, is presenting its new approach to mobility management at this year’s Intertraffic in Amsterdam (Hall 01, Stand 327). The company and its subsidiaries Aimsun and VMZ are demonstrating how technological advances are ready to solve tomorrow’s mobility challenges today, presenting solutions that make urban and interurban mobility smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

The ITS sector responds to the growing worldwide need for more efficient, smarter, and more environmentally friendly mobility solutions. “Currently, we witness a huge paradigm shift in the ITS industry. Tomorrow’s challenges cannot be solved by traffic management as we know it today,” says Jon Newhard, CEO of Yunex Traffic. “In light of today’s complexity, we focus on providing solutions to mobility management that integrate the entire mobility ecosystem and leverage the latest technological opportunities while taking local context into account. We support our customers by developing innovative mobility solutions that make cities greener, safer, and ultimately, more liveable.”

Dynamic Mobility Platforms respond flexibly to changing needs

Yunex Traffic believes that the evolving mobility landscape requires dynamic platform offerings such as its management platform Yutraffic Symphony. Yutraffic Symphony enables cities of all sizes to solve their individual traffic challenges in one place. With its infrastructure-agnostic architecture, the platform can be deployed on a customer’s on-premises environment or on secure cloud environments. In either scenario, Yutraffic Symphony offers built-in mechanisms to always stay up to date. Furthermore, the modular architecture allows cities to dynamically expand their system with new capabilities, solutions, and features.

For unified highway and tunnel management, the integrated management and control platform Yutraffic Varia enables both on-premises and cloud deployment. At the same time, interactive digital twins can be created from BIM models and/or Lidar scans to simulate and visualize the behavior of the actual live system on the screen or in virtual reality, even before the infrastructure has been built or modernized. The utilization of digital twins helps to avoid mistakes, saves costs and provides completely new opportunities for training and approval processes.

AI enabled solutions to increase safety and enhance multimodal mobility

Initiating and understanding the modal shift in cities starts with the accurate capture of multimodal data. With Yutraffic awareAI Yunex Traffic showcases a solution to increase safety at intersections by processing images in real-time. It anonymously analyzes the movements of all road users, offering valuable insights into traffic patterns and behaviors. The collected data enables dynamic adjustments such as the extension of green lights at intersections, optimizing traffic flow and minimizing congestion.

Artificial intelligence is also being used outside of cities. In addition to Yunex Traffic’s comprehensive tolling portfolio, which ranges from on-board unit and smartphone-based satellite tolling to AI-enabled video tolling and enforcement, the new Yutraffic InsideAI now enables vehicle occupancy to be included in tolling and/or high-occupancy lane enforcement – a game-changer for proactively promoting car-pooling.

With Yutraffic FUSION, Yunex Traffic displays a multimodal network control management tool to combine real-time information and multimodality. The control system uses data from multiple sources and offers new advanced decision-making approaches to control and optimize road networks and transport infrastructure for all road users. It is adaptable and suitable for applications of any size and complex road networks and significantly reduces the need for tedious and lengthy configuration and reconfiguration through workflow automations and an intuitive user interface.

After having successfully completed a series of tests, Yunex Traffic obtained the Mobilidata ITSApp certificate for Yutraffic FUSION allowing Yunex Traffic to participate in ITSApp tenders for traffic controller management in Flanders, Belgium with Yutraffic FUSION. The official handover of the certificate will take place on Wednesday, April 17, at 3pm at the Yunex Traffic booth 01.327 at Intertraffic.

Aimsun to showcase suite of digital mobility solutions integrating AI

Yunex Traffic’s subsidiary, Aimsun, is showcasing its suite of digital mobility solutions for transport authorities, highway agencies and public transport operators. The five solutions are a progressive scaling and integration of AI techniques with simulation, each designed to fit different use cases, budgets, and timescales.

Aimsun’s goal is to help customers understand their transportation network performance, to predict its future evolution, to support decision making and therefore significantly reduce lengthy and costly “trial and error” approaches when implementing new strategies.

The solutions range from giving offline insights into traffic patterns and recurring problems, progressing to using real-time data to forecast upcoming traffic states and support proactive decisions.

VMZ to showcase smart mobility dashboards and applications for end users

VMZ, a subsidiary of Yunex Traffic, is presenting its smart mobility dashboards providing real-time information on traffic updates and mobility options for commuters as well as applications for end users. A key showcase will be the SmartAir Mobility Solution implemented at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport that is providing real-time information to travelers.

In addition to its software-based solutions, Yunex Traffic will present its new Neolight traffic signal, which is even more environmentally friendly than its predecessors and has special features.

Visit Yunex Traffic, Aimsun and VMZ at Intertraffic 2024

You find Yunex Traffic in Hall 01, at Stand 327. Join us on Tuesday, April 16, at 4 pm for a Happy Hour at our booth and explore our innovative solutions first-hand. Furthermore, we invite you to attend the panel discussion on Wednesday, April 17, from 4.30 pm to 5.15 pm where experts from various domains will solve the question: Are new technologies such as AI and the cloud fad or a fundamental shift for tomorrow´s mobility? We look forward to welcoming you.

If you would like to schedule an interview with the Yunex Traffic management or with an expert, please reach out to Christina Sailer (