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State of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) launches Pilot with AI-Controlled Traffic Lights in the city of Ellwangen

Yutraffic FUSION

Munich, June 27, 2024. The Ministry of Transport of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) is launching a pilot for AI-based adaptive network control in Ellwangen. The impact on traffic will be studied until the end of the year. This marks the first use of Yutraffic FUSION in Germany.

Advanced Traffic Management in Baden-Württemberg

Advanced traffic management is a key issue in Baden-Württemberg. In “The Länd,” this includes the use of new technology. Starting in July, traffic in Ellwangen will be controlled by AI. The project costs, nearly 200,000 euros, are fully covered by the state. This includes not only the software license costs but also the hardware upgrade and configuration.

A Contribution to Environmental Protection and Efficiency

Transport Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann, emphasized the positive effects for citizens and the fulfillment of a coalition agreement promise: “The project in Ellwangen impressively demonstrates what the future of traffic management in Baden-Württemberg looks like. With AI-controlled traffic lights, we are setting new standards for improved traffic flow, reduced emissions, and increased road safety. This commitment to innovative technologies is anchored in our coalition agreement and helps make our traffic more environmentally friendly and efficient.”

The Yutraffic FUSION system captures and models traffic in real-time. Using historical and current data, it predicts traffic within a few hours’ timeframe. The control then adjusts the timing of 12 traffic lights along the B290 and the southern bypass in Ellwangen accordingly.

Inspired by London: Travel Time Reduced by Up to 20 Percent

In London, the introduction of Yutraffic FUSION led to a general reduction in travel times by up to 20 percent, and stops were reduced by 15 percent. Following a multimodal approach and a holistic view of traffic, the system can integrate public transport, cyclists, and pedestrians into its decision-making. This way, traffic in Ellwangen can be managed more environmentally friendly and better adapted to actual needs.

Just in Time!

Ellwangen’s Mayor Volker Grab is pleased that Ellwangen was chosen: “I am excited to see the results of the pilot phase. In two years, we will host the Baden-Württemberg State Garden Show. Our city’s traffic needs to be optimized to ensure a smooth operation of this six-month major event. Yutraffic FUSION comes just at the right time for us.” 

The adaptive, dynamic approach ensures that traffic can be optimally managed in the future, even with short-term traffic diversions or as more citizens switch to sustainable transport modes like cycling.

“London, Prague, and Now Ellwangen”

“London, Prague, and now Ellwangen – we are very pleased that Yutraffic FUSION is being launched for the first time in Germany,” said Nils Schmidt, Managing Director Yunex Traffic Germany. “I am confident that we will achieve similar results in Germany as in the UK. With smarter traffic control, we not only increase efficiency but also significantly reduce emissions.”

After the six-month pilot phase, the results and experiences will be evaluated. The ministry can then make concrete recommendations for use in other cities while Ellwangen lays the foundation for the traffic of the future.