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Sustainability at Yunex Traffic: EV Hubs

EV Hub in Woolwich

London’s EV Hubs: a best-in-class example for intelligent EV charging

In September 2021 Transport for London (TfL) had opened a new rapid charging hub at Glass Yard in Woolwich – K:Port. Our Yunex Traffic team in the UK was at the heart of the project developing, deploying and servicing the hub. After one year in operation, we look back and reveal how the EV hub concept could pave the way towards a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure around the globe.

May we introduce? This is K:Port!

K:Port is an EV Hub providing sheltered charging for electric vehicles, keeping equipment dry and cool. Thanks to an integrated battery storage and the intelligent energy management system, eight vehicles can charge at the 50kw EV rapid chargers (upgradable to 125kw) in 20-30 minutes at the same time. Payments can be contactless or via mobile phone. Spaces are fully accessible in accordance with UK Building Regulations Part M and the charge points themselves are protected in line with Institute of Engineering and Technology guidelines. An integrated rain garden and sustainable drainage system enhances the site’s flood resilience.

Yunex Traffic in partnership with ESB Energy has been commissioned by Transport for London to provide a wide range of EVI-related services for the EV hub in Woolwich. Those ranged from design through turnkey delivery, installation, commissioning, and after-sales service, including planned and unplanned maintenance.

“Once we had supported the design approval in 2020, we offered a total turnkey package that included project management for the installation of the entire site, including civil engineering, solar panel supply, timber construction and landscaping,” recalls Patrick Moodley, Senior Vice President Customer Service at Yunex Traffic. “Once all regulatory issues were resolved, the EV Hub was finally opened in September 2021. Since then, our teams have been continuously available to the site operators to ensure reliable and smooth operations.”

Best practice for safe and sustainable EV charging in the city

The Woolwich hub is the first of a series of purpose-built, standalone hubs in the city providing safe and sustainable EV charging for drivers. They form an important part of the Mayor of London’s ‘London Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Delivery Plan’, which identifies the need to focus on rapid charging facilities.

As the ownership and use of electric vehicles continues to grow rapidly, projects such as Glass Yard are hugely important in building drivers’ confidence in the charging network. Rapid chargers are more efficient and convenient for EV drivers, and the hubs will feel familiar to drivers, with layouts akin to existing fuel stations.

Faster charge times, reliable availability, and minimum wait times: from a city to the country – and the world?

After a year in operation, we can say without a doubt that the K:Port EV Hub is a great success: With faster charging times, reliable availability and minimum wait times it provides all functionalities EV drivers could ask for.

This is why we are already working closely with ESB Energy to expand the project across the country. Additional schemes in Birmingham and Coventry are already underway to create a charging network for EV drivers across the cities and helping ESB Energy in its mission to put drivers first by providing fast, accessible and easy to use chargers.

With the EV Hub concept, London is showing how cities can create an intelligent and reliable charging infrastructure that can easily be transferred to other cities and countries, paving the way to a comprehensive charging infrastructure around the globe.

Are you interested to know more? Contact us and let’s make your city ready for the electric revolution on the road!