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Yunex Traffic wins the World Smart City Award in the category “Mobility”

We at Yunex Traffic, together with our subsidiary Aimsun, were awarded the World Smart City Award in the "Mobility" category at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona for the "Digitization of Traffic" (DIGI-V) project in Wiesbaden.

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Recap: Yunex Traffic at ITS World Congress 2022

We were one of a few ITS World Congress exhibitors showcasing brand new technology. While much of the industry has contracted amid concerns about the global economy and supply chain issues, we have continued innovating to connect the dots of the mobility revolution. We’re combining innovation with physical products and digital solutions that focus on safety, reducing emissions and improving quality of life.

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Yunex Traffic ensures smooth tunnel operation on the newly opened Route 16 in Jerusalem, Israel

In Jerusalem, Israel the new Route 16 highway was recently opened to traffic. A large part of the highway runs through tunnels that are operated in an automated, digital and safe way thanks to software from Yunex Traffic.

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Smooth, safe and sustainable traffic in Zielona Góra, Poland, provided by Yunex Traffic

Yunex Traffic has successfully signed the contract for the development of a new ITS system for the city of Zielona Góra, Poland. The contract covers the development and installation of intelligent software and hardware solutions to improve traffic conditions, increase traffic safety and sustainability.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Turkey

The largest suspension bridge in the world has been opened to traffic in Turkey this year: the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge with a total length of 4.5km! We at Yunex Traffic equipped it with the latest electrical & electromechanical systems, ensuring a safe & comfortable journey for all road users.

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Yunex Traffic presents solutions for safe and secure Tunnel operations

For the first time in the company’s history, Yunex Traffic showcase their solutions for digital tunnel and highway management at World Tunnel Congress 2022. The spotlight will be on the digital tunnel and highway management system Varia, and on the Digital Twin. Yunex Traffic’s digital solutions for tunnel management and operations are already in use in various projects all around the world.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Netherlands

We install the latest tunnel technology in the Piet Hein Tunnel in Amsterdam to ensure safe travel and efficient, sustainable maintenance! When travelling on the streets of Amsterdam, it's hard to avoid driving through a tunnel. With over 30,000 vehicles per day, the Piet Hein Tunnel is one of the most frequented tunnels in the city. To ensure safe journeys, the municipality of Amsterdam has launched a large-scale renovation project of the Piet Hein tunnel, whereby we are developing and installing the new tunnel technology.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Portugal

We keeps tunnels in the city of Porto fully available for citizens, while making them more digital. The city-based team takes care of infrastructures of all types, six tunnels and six underground corridors, as part of a service contract. The “taking care” started with an integral assessment to the assets, including 3D scanning, up to the electro-mechanical maintenance of complex devices like ventilation turbines or electricity generators.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Austria

The first traffic light with artificial intelligence went into operation near the regional school center for the hearing and visually impaired to increase safety at intersections. The technology "awareAI" automatically registers if pedestrians want to cross the road or if they walk past the intersection. Larger groups or slower moving pedestrians are detected to adjust the duration of the green phases.

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