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Man working on traffic signal upgrade at Berlin Großer Stern

Increasing energy efficiency and safety: Yunex Traffic modernizes five traffic light systems at the traffic junction “Großer Stern” in Berlin

Yunex Traffic has modernized five traffic light systems at the Großer Stern in Berlin on behalf of GB infraSignal GmbH.…

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international womens day, these female pioneers have driven developments in mobility over the past century

International Women´s Day: Celebrating Female Pioneers who shaped Mobility over the past Century

The International Women’s Day is a powerful reminder of the central role women have played in shaping our world. At…

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#SustainabilitySpotlight Talks: Engineering solutions for a more Sustainable Mobility  

Today is the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development. The day, proclaimed by UNESCO’s General Conference on March 4th, aims…

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Reducing CO2 emissions: We don´t just talk, we do!

Addressing the climate crisis remains the most pressing challenge facing our global community.  As the effects of climate change persist,…

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Fostering Sustainable Mobility: Yunex Traffic appoints Martijn Koolhoven as Managing Director Netherlands

Although the Dutch flag boasts orange, the Netherlands shines with its commitment to green initiatives. Pioneering innovations and policies in…

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Meet Diana and see how we are driving greener mobility at #TeamYunexTraffic!

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And, our Business Teams bring innovative projects to…

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Cyclist with YuBike App

GREEN AWARDS 2023: Yunex Traffic among TOP 3 with solution for increasing travel speed and safety for cyclists

Los Angeles, USA, 28 September 2023. At the GREEN TECH FESTIVAL in Los Angeles, Yunex Traffic was among the TOP…

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Quote of Beth Fromage saying: “Sustainability has transitioned from a competitive advantage to a mandatory expectation. And we are here to rather exceed than just meet this expectation – together with our vendors.”

Embracing our own responsibility: the path to sustainable procurement

Approximately two-thirds of an average company’s environmental and social impact is concentrated within its supply chain. Hence, in today’s context,…

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Environmental Traffic Management: For cleaner air in our cities

According to recent WHO figures, 99% of the world's population breathes air that exceeds WHO guideline levels. The good news is that 6000 cities in 110 countries are now measuring air levels and want to take action. One area they are taking a closer look at is road traffic. After all, cars and other vehicles emit a large proportion of the emissions that pollute our air. What can cities do about it? For example, they can orchestrate traffic based on the needs of the environment. And that's exactly what Environmental Traffic Management can do. Let's take a closer look!

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