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World Tunnel Congress 2023: Yunex Traffic launches Yutraffic Varia – the new generation of tunnel control

  • Yutraffic Varia is an integrated tunnel and traffic control software that integrates the most important processes in one intuitive and modular tool.
  • The software is one of the first tunnel control applications on the market that has received the SIL-2 certification in prior projects.
  • By harmonizing traffic and enabling automated responses to critical events, Yutraffic Varia increases safety in tunnels and reduces negative impacts on traffic flow.

Munich, 26.04.2023. At the World Tunnel Congress 2023 in Athens, Yunex Traffic will present a new solution that is changing the way tunnels are controlled: Yutraffic Varia. The software enables integrated, automated and scalable management of all key tunnel management processes in an intuitive application – and is one of the first in the market that has already achieved SIL-2 certification in projects.

From ventilation to lighting to traffic flow: Tunnel control requires keeping track of and actively manage numerous processes. Currently, these tasks are typically distributed over a number of applications, leaving the operator with the major challenge of deriving necessary information and coordinating actions across them.

With Yutraffic Varia, Yunex Traffic presents a solution that noticeably relieves the day-to-day job of the operator: In one single integrated application, all tunnel control processes including traffic management activities can be monitored and managed in an integrated manner, which both simplifies control and increases safety.

“The requirements for tunnel control are becoming increasingly complex. In order to meet them, we need new systems that cover all processes but are intuitive to use at the same time. This is exactly why we developed Yutraffic Varia: A software that will sustainably change the way we control tunnels,” says Holger Erhardt, Senior Vice President Interurban and Tolling.

One software for all key tunnel control processes

Modular and scalable, Yutraffic Varia can be flexibly adapted to the needs and requirements of the user. Different traffic, – tunnel- and plant control subsystems can be integrated, monitored and controlled to ensure the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of the infrastructure system. Despite its broad and diverse responsibilities, Yutraffic Varia remains intuitive and easy to use.

Automatic response plans and strategies enable an immediate reaction to unpredictable traffic situations and incidents, such as a blocked lane, a stationary vehicle or even a fire in a tunnel.

In this way, the software contributes to greater safety in tunnels – protecting people, structures and the environment. Speaking of safety: With an uptime of more than 99.9%, Yutraffic Varia is a software tunnel operators can rely on. This is also confirmed by the SIL-2 certification that Varia has received as one of the first applications of its kind on the market.

Launch at the World Tunnel Congress 2023

Yunex Traffic will present Yutraffic Varia to the industry for the first time at the World Tunnel Congress 2023 in line with a launch event at its own booth L9 in Zone F. Product experts will be available on site to answer questions. Interested parties can register on Yunex Traffic’s website to attend free of charge.

Digital twin – tunnels in virtual reality

In addition to Yutraffic Varia, Yunex Traffic is inviting visitors to the World Tunnel Congress 2023 to experience its current developments of the digital twin – a visualization of tunnels in virtual reality. It is the result of a combination of building information modelling, traffic and asset management system, traffic simulation and asset management, and represents a virtual image of the real infrastructure, systems and processes of tunnels.

The digital twin can replace real systems in many process steps and enables testing and simulation that would not be possible in the real world. This can increase project quality, accelerate implementation, reduce project costs and optimize operations.