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Yunex Traffic appointed Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) Service Partner by Star Charge in support of reliability targets

Yunex Traffic is appointed EVCI Service Provider by Star Charge
  • Yunex Traffic will provide a full range of EV chargers maintenance services for Star Charge across Poland, Portugal and the UK.
  • The collaboration will support regional industry requirements for EV chargers reliability.
  • Star Charge is a leading supplier of smart electric vehicle charging equipment, supplying customers worldwide.

Munich, 2 July 2024. Star Charge has appointed Yunex Traffic as a Certified Service Partner joining a growing list of the company’s international service partners network. Yunex Traffic’s international field service teams will be delivering installation, maintenance and warranty services for Star Charge AC and DC chargers at sites across Poland, Portugal and the UK.  

Yunex Traffic’s extensive EVCI service coverage was a key factor in the company’s appointment by Star Charge, with its team of highly trained field service engineers delivering installation maintenance and warranty services on a global scale. Following intensive ‘train the trainer’ training, it is expected that over 40 service engineers will be trained and certified on the Star Charge charger range.

“At Star Charge, we are driven by the goal of building a more sustainable future through innovative electric vehicle charging solutions and microgrid technologies. Our global presence, with manufacturing facilities in the USA, Vietnam, and China, positions us to be a leader in the e-mobility sector. This partnership with Yunex Traffic as a service partner strengthens our commitment to evolving our offerings and building a mobile and efficient energy network. Together, we can create a seamless and reliable experience for EV drivers.”

Toni Cheng, CEO of Star Charge Europe

“With unrivalled expertise in the delivery, installation, maintenance and operation of EV Services, we are delighted to have been appointed a Star Charge service partner. While public awareness of emissions’ impact is growing, personal vehicles, especially cars, remain the preferred mode of transport globally, highlighting a widespread dependence. The shift towards cleaner energy and the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) truly make an impact when they align with end-user expectations and cater to their needs. This underscores the importance of a reliable Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. By addressing end-users’ concerns and adhering to local regulations, prioritising the provision of dependable, high-powered charging infrastructure becomes imperative. We eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with Star Charge team. Together, we aim to instill greater confidence among drivers in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.”

Jon Newhard, CEO of Yunex Traffic

Yunex Traffic’s field engineers are backed by in-house service operations centres, which are staffed round the clock by an experienced, global Yunex Traffic team. The centres provide a range of services, including incident management and remote monitoring, ensuring that any issues are quickly identified and resolved either remotely or by dispatching an engineer to site, to provide high availability and driver confidence in the charging infrastructure network.  

The partnership between Yunex Traffic and Star Charge plays a key role in supporting the European Commission’s Green Deal. Providing high availability reliable charger networks across key European countries will encourage uptake of eMobility and reduction in carbon emissions across the mobility sector.