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Yunex Traffic enhances safety by delivering Traffic Management Systems for New Bridgewater Bridge

Artist Impression, Bridgewater Bridge Project Version 1 © McConnell Dowell 2024
  • Yunex Traffic Australia has been contracted by McConnell Dowell to build and install the traffic management and control systems for the New Bridgewater Bridge north of Hobart, Tasmania.
  • The New Bridgewater Bridge project is Tasmania’s largest ever transport infrastructure project and one of the longest road bridges over water in Australia.  
  • The new bridge will replace the existing lift-span bridge built in the 1940s, cutting down travel times for the 22,000 people that use the route each day and making their trips safer.

Sydney, Australia, March 22, 2024.Yunex Traffic, a global leader in intelligent traffic management solutions, has been selected by McConnell Dowell to install the traffic management and control systems for the New Bridgewater Bridge in Tasmania, Australia. The new bridge will connect local communities, create more open space and transform the way people travel between the north and south of the State.

The construction of the New Bridgewater Bridge started in October 2022 and will be completed in 2025. Yunex Traffic Australia will provide the traffic management and control systems for the New Bridgewater Bridge, including design, procurement, supply, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning. The systems and solutions provided by Yunex Traffic will enable comprehensive traffic management to improve safety for all commuters. For example: Potential critical conditions can be identified based on real-time data insights, supported with additional CCTV installments. 

Spanning the River Derwent, the future 1.2 km-long bridge is designed to improve connectivity with its four lanes of traffic accommodating 22,000 daily motorists. Complementing its functional design, two major interchanges contribute to the bridge’s overall connectivity and efficiency. Prioritizing safety, the bridge incorporates an 80 kmph speed limit, safety screens and barriers to ensure safe travel for all. Going beyond mere functionality, it prioritizes inclusivity with a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians, creating a safe and accessible environment for multiple modes of mobility.

“We are proud to be a key contributor to Tasmania’s landmark project, the New Bridgewater Bridge,” says Fred Kalt, Managing Director Yunex Traffic Australia.

“Our selection by McConnell Dowell underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge traffic management and control solutions. As we embark on this journey, we recognize the immense impact this bridge will have on Tasmania’s transportation landscape. By integrating our intelligent solutions, we aim to not only improve connectivity and traffic efficiency, but also prioritize safety for all commuters. We are excited to be part of this transformative infrastructure initiative that will ultimately shape the future of transportation in Tasmania.”

Recently, Yunex Traffic Australia was also contracted to build and install the Operations Management and Control System (OMCS) for the Western Harbour Tunnel project in Sydney, Australia. “We are excited to expand our presence in Australia to revolutionize mobility through intelligent, connected traffic management solutions. Our vision is to create a safer, greener and more efficient travel experience for all commuters, leaving a sustainable impact,” adds Fred Kalt.