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Yunex Traffic to deliver Tunnel Control System for Western Harbour Tunnel in Sydney, Australia

Foto of Sydney and Bridge
  • The Western Harbour Tunnel is a new crossing under Sydney Harbour in Sydney Australia. The twin 6.5 kilometre motorway tunnel will have three lanes in each direction and transform the way people and goods move about the city by creating a western bypass of the Sydney CBD, taking pressure off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Anzac Bridge and Western Distributor corridors.
  • Yunex Traffic Australia has been contracted to build and install the Operations Management and Control System (OMCS) for this project.
  • Yunex Traffic will work with Transport for NSW and ACCIONA to deploy the comprehensive motorway control system, Yutraffic Varia.
  • By harmonizing traffic and enabling automated responses to critical events, Yutraffic Varia increases safety in tunnels and reduces congestion.

Sydney, Australia, December 21, 2023. Yunex Traffic, a global leader in intelligent traffic management solutions, has been selected by ACCIONA to install its Yutraffic Varia highway and traffic control software solution in Sydney´s Western Harbour Tunnel. As of today, a dedicated, global project team of experts has started to work on the project in Sydney.

Sydney’s population is expected to grow from five million to eight million over the next 40 years. The city’s economy is also expected to double by 2031, resulting in significant job growth in Sydney’s Global Economic Corridor, which stretches from Macquarie Park, Chatswood, North Sydney and the Sydney CBD to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport. To better meet the needs of this growing population and relieve congestion on these busy roads, Transport for NSW is creating a western bypass through a new tunnel. The Western Harbour Tunnel will provide improved transport connections with faster access to public transport interchanges and future opportunities for new direct bus services.

From one to many: Holistic Tunnel and Traffic Management

From ventilation to lighting to traffic flow: Tunnel control and management requires keeping track of many indicators and actively managing numerous processes. These tasks are typically distributed over several applications and systems, leaving the operator with the major challenge of deriving necessary information and coordinating actions across them. Yunex Traffic will roll-out its tunnel and highway control system Yutraffic Varia to manage the Western Harbour Tunnel. In one comprehensive and modular platform, all important tunnel systems and sub-systems will be integrated. Traffic operators will be able to monitor and manage all processes in a single application, simplifying control and increasing safety.

“Sydney is an example of what we see around the world: While a growing urban population promises economic growth, the existing transportation infrastructure demands innovation that meets people’s needs. Intelligent solutions are needed to help reduce congestion, increase travel speed and safety – and ultimately lead to more livable cities with cleaner air to breathe,” said Fred Kalt, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic Asia Pacific. “With Yutraffic Varia as the management platform for the Western Harbour Tunnel, we’re orchestrating a holistic approach to tunnel management. By integrating key systems and enabling rapid response, we’re committed to ensuring safer and smoother journeys for the community as Sydney continues to evolve.”

Increasing safety: Immediate reaction to traffic situations

Automatic response plans and strategies enable an immediate reaction to unpredictable traffic situations and incidents, such as a blocked lane, a stationary vehicle or even a fire in a tunnel. This way, the software contributes to greater safety in tunnels – protecting people on the move. With an uptime of more than 99.9%, Yutraffic Varia is a software tunnel operators can rely on. For its reliability, Yutraffic Varia has received the SIL-2 certification for former projects as one of the first applications of its kind on the market.

Technical solution provider for tunnel control and traffic management

The Western Harbour Tunnel is being delivered in two stages. ACCIONA is delivering Stage 2. This stage includes the excavation and construction of an underground motorway from Cove Street Rozelle to North Sydney, with direct connections to and from the Warringah Freeway, an off ramp to Falcon Street and an on ramp from Berry Street at North Sydney. The contract also includes ventilation outlets, motorway facilities, and the mechanical and electrical fit-out of the entire tunnel.

After an intense tender process, ACCIONA has decided to sub-contract Yunex Traffic as technological solution provider for tunnel control and traffic management.

A global team of experts is now starting to implement the project, pooling skills, expertise and resources from across Yunex Traffic.