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Yunex Traffic wins the World Smart City Award in the category “Mobility”

  • Yunex Traffic secures the coveted trophy for its nationwide model project “DIGI-V” in Wiesbaden, Germany.
  • An intelligent traffic management system was installed to reduce congestion and emissions by linking traffic and environmental data.
  • The World Smart City Awards honor innovative projects that make cities more sustainable and livable.

Barcelona, 16. November 2022. Yunex Traffic, together with its subsidiary Aimsun, was today awarded the World Smart City Award in the “Mobility” category at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona for the “Digitization of Traffic” (DIGI-V) project in Wiesbaden.

To honor innovative projects, ideas and strategies that make cities around the world more livable and sustainable: That is the goal of the World Smart City Awards, which are presented annually at the Smart City Expo World Congress. In 2022, companies and organizations from over 60 countries have applied for the awards. In the category “Mobility”, Yunex Traffic was the winner among the three finalists with its DIGI-V project.

DIGI-V makes roads smarter and cities greener

DIGI-V was implemented by Yunex Traffic in 2021 together with its subsidiary Aimsun. The aim of the project was to reduce pollution in the city and thus increase the quality of life in Wiesbaden. To this end, Yunex Traffic installed an environmentally sensitive traffic management system in the city and equipped hundreds of facilities with the latest traffic technology.

With the help of intelligent sensors and detectors, the new traffic management system measures pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and particulate matter, weather data or traffic density and recognizes traffic types such as cars, bicycles and pedestrians.

Based on this data, the system controls traffic for the benefit of the environment and informs road users about optimal speed and road use via dynamic traffic signs. The result: fewer traffic jams, smoother traffic flow, lower emissions.

“In Wiesbaden, we have achieved what many cities around the world are working on: improved air quality, reduced traffic emissions, and thus increased the quality of life in the city. DIGI-V is therefore a pioneering lighthouse project for all cities in Europe. I am very pleased that this is once again underlined by the World Smart City Award,” says Yunex Traffic CEO Markus Schlitt.