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Yutraffic receives high recognition

High recognition from the industry and customers in China

As the global leader of intelligent traffic management technology and solutions provider, we are supporting key cities on road traffic solutions in China. We are aiming to actively participate in the digitalization field and build up continuous trust with our customers. Recently, in the Chinese market, Yutraffic received high recognition from both the industry and customers.

The research institute of released the “2022 China Road Traffic Controller Market Research” report. The report surveyed traffic policy users across 95 cities. Yutraffic ranked No. 4 as the most recognized traffic controller brands. In the survey, high brand awareness (35%), reliable and stable technology (20%), good after-sales service (9%), and peer recommendation (9%) are the most cited reasons.

Moreover, Yutraffic also received a “thank you” letter from the customers of the Beijing High-level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone for supporting the construction and application of the demonstration area. Since 2021, the construction of high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone in Beijing has achieved fruitful results. The city of Beijing spoke highly of the achievement of urban application scenarios such as autonomous taxi, autonomous bus, unmanned vending, distribution, sanitation, and cycled connection supported by Yutraffic. They also expressed heartfelt thanks to Yutraffic colleagues for their rich engineering experience, solid professional skills, and excellent service concept and professionalism.

In the future, Yutraffic will continue to deepen local cooperation, cultivate the V2X market, and contribute to the road traffic construction and management of Chinese cities.