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Intelligent road infrastru­cture and traffic solutions in and between cities

Traffic management, simulation, tunnel management, digital services driven by AI, shared autonomous driving and much more – that is the basis for managing mobility ecosystems.

Aligned to the customer’s value chain, our solutions meet current and future mobility needs. Smarter Ways. It’s your city.

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Intelligent traffic management

Safeguarding mobility both now and in the future: our solutions for connected data and systems.

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Make intersections smart

Digitalization and the Internet of Things reduce congestion and enhance safety in urban mobility.

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Simulation, data analysis, and AI

The power of data: intelligent traffic planning using data- and AI-based applications and services.

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Road services

Our comprehensive and modular services ensure that your traffic infrastructure always operates at peak performance.

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Highlights Road

Smarter Ways. It’s your city.

How do we improve the quality of life of people while offering each and every road user the most convenient transport option possible? Our innovative and adaptive modules combine seamlessly into integrated road systems – allowing the development of customized solutions in and between cities.

Connected and auto-nomous driving

To support cities and municipalities to become even more modern, more attractive, and more environmentally friendly, Yunex Traffic offers solutions for connected and autonomous driving. The key for Vehicle2x communication and the basis for autonomous driving is the intelligent connection between vehicle and infrastructure.

Connected mobility

Digital Lab

Bringing together experienced traffic professionals and experts in data analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT solutions in one dynamic team: the ITS Digital Lab offers a platform for design thinking and co-creation, traffic and city mobility domain know-how, and an agile development and rapid prototyping team. The goal: to work together towards an operative pilot product or solution.

Digital Lab

Traffic simulation and prediction

From engineering and implementation to daily operations, traffic engineers and system operators rely on top-of-the-range tools to do their jobs. Tools such as Aimsun Next and Aimsun Live – two fully integrated traffic modelling and traffic management software packages which enable offline strategic transportation planning and real-time mobility management.

Traffic Prediction

Welcome Aldridge Traffic Controllers to the Yunex Traffic family

Adaptive traffic controllers are the heart of connecting road infrastructure and traffic management centers. We are looking forward to collaborating with SCATS customers around the world and continue to support cities to enhance their liveability.

Aldrige traffic controllers

Intelligent Traffic Systems for current challenges

COVID-19 has clearly impacted our mobility behavior. Nevertheless – the megatrends remain – urbanization, sustainability and the reduction of emissions are as relevant as before the pandemic. We support our customers with traffic solutions and road infrastructure that is required now and after the crisis.

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Smart answers for new challenges

The time for autonomous vehicles is now: old approaches are coming up against their limits and smarter answers are needed to respond to new challenges. In this series of stories, we showcase people and initiatives shaping connected mobility.

No private car can compete with that

We talk to Henrik Falk, CEO of Hamburger Hochbahn AG, about the role of mass transit in the livable city of the future, the success of the “Elektrobus” initiative, and the effot his company is putting into the development of autonomous mini buses.

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Road Mobility is going to be safer and more mixed

Oliver Schmerold, CEO of the Austrian Motoring Club (ÖAMTC), talks to us about decreasing CO2 emissions, highly automated aircraft for private passenger transport, and possible solutions to structural public transport problems in rural areas.

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Automated road traffic: “Also a matter of will”

Professor Dr. Marcel Hunecke, research professor at the Applied Social Studies department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, speaks about the psychological factors influencing our mobility behavior and the new role that we humans will adopt in the future world of automated and connected road traffic.

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Traffic control systems in Angola: Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes

Strong ambitions: By leveraging its favorable location at the intersection of two trans-African transport corridors, Angola plans to become an important logistics hub. For this purpose, a road network of close to 14.000 km is under construction. The key to the future are innovative traffic control systems.

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The car of the future will be autonomous

Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW, speaks to us about autonomous and fully electric vehicles as the foundation for a cleaner, safer and more cost-efficient future – and the key role car-sharing schemes play in the development of electric-powered mobility.

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The question of (our) time

The field of mobility is governed by opposite priorities and concepts: On the one hand, the old credo that our civic liberties should include the right to unrestricted road use; on the other, the new ambition to reclaim urban space and transform it into a livable green ecosystem. The truth is to be found somewhere in between, for sure. But where exactly?

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We protect your assets.

Cybersecurity at Yunex Traffix

The many advantages of an increasingly digital and connected world have a price: cyber-attacks have become a serious threat. They affect not only our data, but our everyday lives. Therefore, comprehensive security mechanisms and security-oriented thinking are essential in every organization. Cybersecurity is a highly sensitive area that requires a trustworthy partner. He must understand how products, systems and technical solutions fit in with the processes in a company and its employees. Cybersecurity has a very high priority for us. That is why it is important for us to renew our ISO/IEC 27001 certification once a year to ensure that we use superior processes and technologies in a constantly and rapidly changing battlefield.

Further services

Our comprehensive portfolio is supplemented by matching financing services.

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Espiye-Sarp Tunnels | Turkey

29 tunnels with a combined length of 33 km – one control center

  • Turnkey project for all electrical and electro-mechanical work and the implementation of a system concept for 29 tunnels
  • Scope included power and lighting, ventilation, fire detection, CCTV, tunnel radio, emergency call system, traffic monitoring and control
  • The technical systems of all 29 tunnels had to be integrated, controlled and monitored from a single control center

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Smarter ways. It’s your city.

With our long-standing experience in transportation and our unique technology know-how, we at Yunex Traffic are constantly developing new intelligent mobility solutions to increase the availability of infrastructure, optimize throughput, and improve the quality of life within cities.