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AI and digital solutions

Take advantage of digitalization: simulation, data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) help you make more from your data

Our digital applications and services help you solve problems like congestion and traffic-related emissions – for example, using AI-based traffic planning.

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Intelligent solutions for connected mobility

Use your traffic management data to better manage today’s mobility ecosystem, taking the first step toward the smart city of the future.

Cities need holistic concepts for mobility management.

Use data and AI to achieve optimal mobility

Solving the increasingly complex transportation puzzles requires cities to go new ways. The aim is to create a sustainable, efficient, and reliable ecosystem for urban mobility. The good news: most of the data necessary already exists:

  • Data from connected vehicles
  • Data from connected infrastructure systems
  • Data from connected transportation users

Mining this treasure trove of data is a treasure that can substantially improve your traffic management. By taking advantage of the power of data through innovative mobility services, cities can deliver optimal mobility to their inhabitants.

Combine data from many different areas and sources

Our solutions enable cities to combine data from a variety of sources and areas and use it to generate genuine added value for intelligent traffic management. Benefit from broader mobility options as well as improved traffic flow and manage fleets and traffic far more efficiently while at the same time increasing safety and reducing fuel consumption and pollution.

Our solutions combine data from road infrastructure.

Our solutions

Data- and AI-based applications and services for traffic and mobility

Cities and agencies all over the world rely on our innovative solutions for a mobility ecosystem that covers all varieties of urban mobility.

AI-based Traffic and City Mobility Solutions

Yunex Traffic Digital Lab: Discover the AI-based traffic and city mobility solutions for your city!

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Utilize the potential
of connected mobility

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