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AI-based Traffic and City Mobility Solutions

Yunex Traffic Digital Labs

We develop data- and AI-driven applications and services for even smarter management of road traffic, fleets and intermodal mobility. Data- and AI-driven applications and services are the major cornerstone to reaching the vision of delivering optimal mobility to our city’s inhabitants. To offer an effective and efficient mobility ecosystem in a city while transportation demands continue to increase, requires a more holistic approach of how mobility is managed. Connected vehicles sending data in real-time, infrastructure systems transmitting their status to our traffic management plattforms and road users who are connected with their smart phones all produce an immense amount of data. This rich and growing source of data is changing the types of services of mobility that are feasible. We are your partner towards a Balanced Intermodal Mobility Ecosystem, which manages not only the road network, but also specific fleets within the network and ultimately the traveler across different modes of transportation.

Solving mobility challenges through data analytics and artificial intelligence

With the expertise of the Yunex Traffic Digital Labs, you can reach the full potential of the digital transformation. You can be faster than disruptions thanks to smart data utilizing the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence.

We combineinformation from many different areas and sources:

Other domains and external sources

Such as 3rd party Floating Car Data and weather information


Such as vehicles through V2X, e-bikes, public transportation

Road infrastructure

Such as traffic light controllers, urban central systems and video and ANPR data

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Data-and AI-driven applications

Data-and AI-driven applications and services for smart cities

We strictly focus on generating value for your business through our data- and AI-driven applications and services.

We work closely on your specific use cases and believe in the high value of a co-creation approach with you, our customer.

The common goal is to generate a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that provides unique value to our customer. Building on the MVP, we may jointly decide to further enhance the solution or service in alignment with your needs and to continuously integrate it into your operational environment as a service provided by Yunex Traffic.

How we create value

We create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), delivering the core functionalities in a staged co-creation process with our customers. Over the whole process, we live by the philosophy “fail fast, learn fast”, hence we conduct rapid prototyping with our customers to built quickly that provides unique value early on.

We start the innovation process by understanding the pain points and the underlying challenges as the crucial base upon which to develop. This is typically achieved in joint workshops where we enhance transparency about our customers’ visions and challenges to define a problem statement.

Ideation is the first creational step towards a solution for our customer’s problem. It is based on the problem statement and aims to jointly develop a vision of the solution and the initial requirements. In close collaboration with the customer we prioritize the different ideas in a design thinking approach in order to arrive at one coherent vision of the solution.

Once we have developed the vision and requirements, we work towards a first concrete representation of the solution. This gives us the opportunity to specify the very core of its functionality, review if the solution is effective at addressing the agreed use cases and allows any required changes to be made at an early stage before entering the next phase of the rapid prototyping process. After the experience journey we then jointly decide whether we want to start the development towards an MVP.

During the rapid prototyping, our team and our customers collaborate closely to create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) delivering the agreed core functionality. Over the whole process, we live by the philosophy “fail fast, learn fast”, hence we conduct rapid prototyping with our customers to build quickly towards a MVP that is operational and brings value from an early stage. As part of this process, we regularly review the progress together with our customer and jointly decide, in short iterations, what the next steps are, taking into account the expected value add and feasibility.

Our solutions

AI based solutions for your city

Our products and solutions at a glance

Eventflow – event prediction for intelligent urban mobility systems

The new Eventflow system uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automatically identify and predict where most popular events will be in urban environments, helping transit and traffic agencies better prepare for road and public transport conditions pro-actively. It comes with a cloud-based visualization tool and an open API which allows transportation agencies to leverage the data as part of existing systems.

Features & benefits

  • Automatically identify upcoming events helps reduce manual searches
  • View events by popularity in an easy-to-use HTML5, cloud-based visualization tool
  • Use the data to help with traffic management and planning
  • Map out transport options to help leverage existing systems
  • Identify gaps and opportunities to improve level of service and ridership
  • Visualize future event popularity predictions for more efficient planning
  • Retrieve data using an open API to integrate with other systems

Truck Parking Prediction

Answering to EU-regulations on rest periods for truck drivers and occuring dangerous parking situations, we developed an AI-based application. With this truck drivers can plan their rest periods according to available parking space along their routes. With the help of AI we can predict the parking situations up to 5 hours ahead. Encance safety on your roads with this solution. 

Yunex Traffic Digital Labs: A Team of Data Scientists with focus on Connected Mobility

Our traffic professionals and experts in data analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT solutions

This combination unites all necessary capabilities into one dynamic team. This know-how is further enhanced by the overall Yunex Traffic organization (the #1 leading Intelligent Traffic System provider), including VMZ in Berlin, providing expertise in traffic control and management, operations, and consulting, as well as the data analytics expertise from our Siemens research colleagues.

What we offer

  • Traffic and city mobility domain know-how
  • Expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Experience facilitating the co-creation process, e.g. by design thinking
  • Agile development and rapid prototyping team

What we ask you to bring

  • Commitment to the co-creation process
  • Availability of data owned by you or an intention to create availability
  • Regular interactions during the development phase
  • Customer contacts with decion making capabilities

Downloads, support and services

Innovative solutions for you

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution and rising costs are only three examples of challenges smart cities face. There is no single solution to tackle all of them, but innovative products and services contribute to make your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.


Yunex Traffic Digital Lab lead customers

Several co-creation projects with lead customers are successfully running – more details will be available soon.

(e-)bike sharing Lisbon

  • First one in the world with easy conversion from conventional bike to electrical
  • App controlled
  • Wi-fi hotspot on docks and LCD dashboard with speed, odometer, battery level, power level

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Make your city even smarter and more attractive

Would you like to use the connectivity of traffic in order to develop new innovative products and services that create the mobility of the future for smart cities? For example, by reducing parking-related traffic, traffic noise and pollution emissions or creating an end-to-end mobility solution? The Yunex Traffic Digital Lab is looking forward to starting the co-creation process with you to develop a customized product or service, or adjust an existing solution to your specific needs.   Ask our experts to design a solution that is custom-tailored to your requirements. Learn more about your customized solution opportunities!

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