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Road services

Operate your traffic infrastructure efficiently, economically, and sustainably – for a livable city

With our comprehensive and modular services for road traffic systems, you can ensure that your infrastructure always operates at peak performance.

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Lifecycle services

Optimize the performance of your traffic infrastructure throughout its entire lifecycle

From maintenance and operation to optimization, our service team is at your side to keep your systems operating at their best performance – for sustainable and cost-efficient mobility.

Extend the service life of your systems with our maintenance services

Our maintenance services allow you to optimize your systems’ lifecycle costs. We support you with:

  • Corrective maintenance performed by experienced system experts – for short- and long-term troubleshooting.
  • Preventive maintenance based on regular, defined inspections.
  • On­call assistants to ensure a fast response to your requests.

With our operational services, you will benefit from maximum system availability

Our operational services ensure system availability and quality – in everyday operation as well as exceptional situations:

  • Operation management, including call-center services and service process management
  • Reports and statistics for continuous monitoring of your performance KPIs
  • Spare parts management for fast, reliable, and affordable spare-part delivery
  • Network management for identifying traffic events and incidents
  • Infrastructure inspections and monitoring of your traffic systems

In addition to offering individual services, we will also support you by taking charge of your overall operation, including monitoring urban traffic infrastructure.

Digital services optimize traffic systems using data.

Improve the performance of your traffic technology with our digital services

With our digital services, you can utilize the data from products and processes to improve the performance of your systems:

  • ITS as a Service is your digital traffic control center.
  • Digital security supports you in managing the security of your IT system.
  • Remote services ensure secure data connections for analyses and problem-solving.
  • Emergency services help you recover your data.
  • Health check helps you with system optimization and benchmarking.
  • Data services for acquiring, preparing, and making data available and for operating data applications.

Hands-on training for experts, by experts – with our know-how services

Flexible and modular training courses help you keep your employees up to the state of the art:

  • Traffic consulting: strategies, process analysis, and optimization of operations for mobility management.
  • Online or on-premise courses: for communicating in-depth knowledge of today’s road traffic technology.
  • Expertise management: certification center for “road traffic technology specialists.”

Get even more intelligence for your traffic technology: our data-based services

Leverage the power of digitalization for your mobility concepts: our data- and AI-based applications and services help you manage your road network, intermodal urban mobility, and individual fleets even more intelligently.


Our service teams in action

We deliver performance: these customers are already benefiting from our modular services.

City administration Bratislava, Slovakia | Slowakei

Modernization, maintenance, and spare-part services for 30,000 streetlights

  • Energy consumption reduced by 50.5%
  • Availability rose from 35% to 98%, i.e. even higher than the contractually guaranteed 95%
  • Bratislava’s 500.000 inhabitants now profit from brighter and better street lighting

VMZ Berlin | Germany

For traffic that flows

  • The Traffic Information Center controls and monitors traffic across 1,500 km of main roads.
  • More than 1,000 measurement cross-sections and detectors installed in the road network and on the freeways provide data on current traffic conditions.
  • Yunex Traffic operates the Traffic Information Center, ensuring optimum traffic management.

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Benefit from premium services

Simply more efficient, sustainable, and innovative: talk to our service experts to learn more about how you can keep your systems always available and up to date.

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Intelligent traffic management

Safeguarding mobility both now and in the future: our solutions for connected data and systems.

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Make intersections smart

Digitalization and the Internet of Things reduce congestion and enhance safety in urban mobility.

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Simulation, data analysis, and AI

The power of data: intelligent traffic planning using data- and AI-based applications and services.

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