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Less emissions, cleaner air

For our planet and our health.

At 20%, road traffic not only accounts for a large share of global CO2 emissions: It also endangers our health. With our intelligent transport solutions, cities can reduce their emissions and improve air quality – for their citizens and future generations.

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From smog to cleaner skies.

Proven in cities worldwide.

Our solutions are already in use in cities all over the world, where they contribute to a demonstrable reduction in pollutants and emissions.

reduction in NO2 pollution in London thanks to the ULEZ, based on estimates.

less CO2 emissions can be expected from ETM according to a 2020 study by the German BASt (Federal Institute for Highway Research).

Smart technology, cleaner cities.

Intelligent systems for more sustainable transportation.

We provide a variety of intelligent transport systems to reduce traffic-related emissions and improve the air quality in cities by keeping high-emission vehicles out of particularly high-traffic areas, keeping traffic flowing, and enabling traffic management that benefits the environment.

Clean Air and Low Emission Zones

With our enforcement solutions, we keep emission-intensive vehicles out of congested areas, resulting in demonstrable improvements in air quality.

Environmental Traffic Management

Our Environmental Traffic Management solution provides you with all the information, data and tools you need to manage traffic for the benefit of the environment.

Optimizing Traffic Flow

Most road traffic emissions are caused by gridlocked traffic or congestion. That is why we are developing intelligent traffic systems that keep traffic flowing and thus reduce traffic-related emissions.

Cities around the globe lead by example.

Success stories from around the world.

Improving air quality in London with Low Emission Zones

To address the issue of air quality, more and more authorities are introducing targeted clean air and low emission zones, with Yunex Traffic’s infrastructure and technology behind London’s recently extended Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

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Intelligent traffic control for cleaner air in Wiesbaden

The intelligent traffic management system from Yunex Traffic measures pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide and particulate matter, and links weather data or traffic density and recognizes traffic types such as cars, bicycles, or pedestrians.

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Join us on the path to a more sustainable future.

Prepare your city for a more sustainable mobility: Our experts are happy to work with you on how to reduce emissions and clean the air in your city or region.

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